The (future) Voyages
of S/V Lynx

We are only in the planning stages right now, so this site will show you what we are thinking about doing, where we plan to go, what boat we plan to buy, etc.

The Plan                                                             You might think that our plan was to circumnavigate the planet in a sailboat, and we will be doing that; however, it is not the main goal.  We want to see the world and share all our adventures with you!  If that takes us all the way around the planet, so be it! 

The Goal                                                     Our goal is to see the world, experience different cultures, visit historical sites, do sports and activities in new and exciting places. In short, we want the adventure and experience of a lifetime!  And, we want to document it so that others may be inspired to do the same.

The Reason                                                       We chose to do all this on a sailboat because we get to take our home with us as we travel the world rather than move from hotel to hotel.  It is also a slow and leisurely way to travel, allowing us to stay as long as we like, and sail on when we feel the need.

Starting the search for S/V Lynx

We will begin the search for our boat in 2022, the countdown timer below shows when that begins.

More about us and our coming voyage

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