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We finally made a decision on which tender we plan to purchase, the Inmar 365R-AL.  Click the picture for more information on why we choose this boat.



We decided on the model and purchased our electric motor for the tender, a Stealth e18.

Stealth e18


We added a new tender option, the OC400, which is a hard shell dinghy made of  carbon fiber.



We added the majority of our fishing gear to our Sports Gear page.

Fishing Gear


We added the custom changes we are making to the stern of the Solitaire 1490 to our new custom version, the 1500.

Stern Changes


We updated the autopilot system to include all components.  And added which radar we are going with for S/V Lynx

Pilot Computer


We added a section on the different types of props and why we are choosing to go with Brunton's Propeller's Eco*Star props.

Eco*Star Prop


We updated the fuel usage comparisons between a Diesel, Hybrid, Parallel, and Combo system boat.  Figuring in a performance cat since the previous calculations were for a production 'comfort' cat.  We also factored in Regeneration.

Performance Cat


We added a new propulsion option, the Combo Diesel and Electric motor.  We might change to this... go see why!

Combo System


The Solitaire Cost page has been updated with the latest price to build.



We updated the battery page with our new choice in DIY, self built batteries, changing to the smaller 230a/24v versions.

24v battery


Having changed to a performance cat, and calculating in more power usage for house needs than before, it changed the fuel comparisons between a Diesel, Hybrid, or Parallel boat, so we updated the numbers.

Fuel Comparison


We added the winches we plan to add to our cat to the Ground Tackle page.



We added a new way to join the crew of S/V Lynx.  See details about earning a cabin, just click on the date or image.

Join Crew


We added a lot of data on building a Solitaire 1490 Kit boat from Schionning Deigns.  This page will get you started.

Solitaire 1490


Boat page update with new option for Solitaire 1490

Solitaire 1490


Battery page update with new option for 170ah BigBattery

170ah BigBattery

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