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B&G Zeus3 12"

This chartplotter will be mounted at the helm station to give us routing, data, radar display, etc, and will often be in split screen mode (see pic left), which is why we want the larger 12" screen. We like this unit due to the nice integration with Predict Wind and your Iridium Go to download weather and routing right into the chartplotter. The B&G system is built for sailing, so it is the obvious system for our catamaran.

B&G Zeus3


Android Samsung Tablet Tab S3, 9.7" Wifi

These can control the chartplotter from remote, and will work with the B&G at the helm, at a fraction of the cost of an additional chartplotter. It can also run Navionics independently, as a backup to all chartplotters. This will be used at the Nav Station as well as other locations on the boat. It will also be how we plot a course when scouting with the dinghy. Navionics can transfer date from the Android device to the Zeus3 Chartplotter on the main boat.

Tab S3 Tablet

3D Sonar


This 3D sonar shows an image of the bottom at a 60 degree view, up to 20x the depth. It also works at up to 20 knots of speed, where many forward scanning sonars can only handle extremely slow speeds. It comes with a keypad but plugs into any HDMI or VGA input, so we could use a second monitor just for this display.



B&G  T1 Hydraulic Linear Drive 12v Up to 12,000kg displacement

High power, efficient drive units for maximum power with minimum consumption. Ram allows the Power Steer Mode on the Pilot to be used in cas of manual steering failure. Integrated hydraulic system: no external hoses, reservoirs etc. Max Boat Size 12000 kg. Stroke 250 mm. Compatible Computers H5000, NAC-3

B&G T1 Ram

B&G Autopilot Hydra 5000 Base Pack

The H5000 Hydra CPU is the brains behind the ultimate cruiser system. Its ultra-fast ARM processors deliver data in an instant and the browser-based setup allows straightforward and flexible configuration.  The innovative B&G H5000 instrument system is powered by a smart Central Processing Unit CPU with the ability to run three levels of software Hercules Hydra and Performance. Hydra is designed for sailors running a cruising system and provides the sophistication you need without over-complication.  Running a system with an integral CPU has a wealth of advantages including web-browser based setup via the new H5000 interface for easy set-up calibration commissioning backup/restore and advanced diagnostics. It also expands the systems communications capabilities with dual NMEA 0183 ports with selectable message configuration Ethernet link to the web server and other software apps. Add a wireless router and you benefit from tablet/smartphone integration.  A CPU provides enhanced sensor support and specific sailing features like wind correction for heel/trim angle and true wind correction - improving the data displayed to the user and guiding the autopilot. It also simplifies seemingly complex calibrations through AutoCal calibration routines. The H5000 Hydra CPU delivers enhanced HV display control letting you oscillate the displays between two variables for more efficient display use and provides support for both expansion modules and many of Bs existing sensors. In addition the CPU provides advanced MOB function with dedicated MOB button input and dead reckoning of relative MOB position allowing for tide based on the initial MOB position or as updated via AIS SART with compatible equipment.  

B&G Hydra 5000 base pack


WeBoost Drive 4G-S Cell Signal Booster

Drive 4G-XR Marine gives you a reliable signal right on the water where reception is typically weak, all while helping preserve battery life. Signal boosters increase cell signal by collecting signals with a powerful antenna, delivering those signals to the booster, amplifying the cell signals so your devices receive them, and delivering your device's boosted signals back to the cell tower.


Wilson Electronics 9.88" 4G Wide Band Omni-Directional Marina Antenna

This is compatible with all US carriers including: AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon, SPRINT, Straight Talk, U.S. Cellular and many more.  This omni-antenna features a rugged waterproof structure that’s designed to withstand damage from the elements.

Wilson Antenna

Wilson Electronics 20' RG58 Low Loss Coax Cable

This coaxial cable extension gives you a little extra length to hook up your antenna. It works both indoors and outdoors, and an FME-male and SMA-male connector make it easy to hook up. Only 2dB of attenuation make this coaxial cable a good choice.

Wilson Cell Antenna Cable

Wilson Electronics Dual Band Wall Mount Panel Antenna

Created to give you superior network connectivity guaranteed to improve transmission between your signal booster and the nearest cellular signal tower!

Made from premium materials, this directional antenna has a durable weatherproof structure that is guaranteed to withstand impact and to resist damage from the elements. Ideal for use with 75-Ohm amplifiers and accessories. G

This signal antenna works on all carriers anywhere in the USA and Canada – AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon, Sprint, and U.S. Cellular. It helps boost a cell phone signal up to 32 times its current strength, giving you crystal-clear call quality. It utilizes an F-female connector that can receive high-frequency information.

Wilson Wall Mount Antanna


B&G V60-B VHF Marine Radio, DSC, AIS RX/TX

This VHF marine radio features a built-in GPS and a full Class B AIS transmitter and receiver, which allows you to see and be seen by nearby AIS-equipped vessels. This low-profile design radio grants flexible mounting options and supports up to two optional wireless handsets.

VHF and AIS Radio

B&G H60 wireless handset 
H60 wireless handset allows you to take your radio anywhere on board. Each handset duplicates your radio’s display and controls, enabling remote access to all key functions. Up to two handsets can be connected to a single V60/V60-B, and with multiple handsets connected your radio doubles as an on-board intercom.

Navigation Mode & MOB Function
Press the NAV button on the V60/V60-B to turn it into a navigational instrument displaying your Speed and Course. Hold down the NAV/MOB button to drop a waypoint on your current location and the V60/V60-B will enter Man OverBoard mode to show you how far away you are and where you need to steer to get back to the position of the MOB event. The MOB waypoint is also transmitted over NMEA 2000 to the rest of your network.

H60 wireless handset

Iridium Go Satellite connectivity"

You can use this Iridium Go to create an Wi-Fi hotspot within approximately a 30.5 meter (100 foot) radius. You can easily connect and operate Multiple devices within this area using the Iridium go! application. Iridium go! supports a full range of global communications, including voice calls, email access, applications, social networking, photo sharing, two-way SMS, GPS tracking, and Built-in SOS alert.

Iridium GO


Siren Marine MTC Boat Mon., Tracking, & Control

GPS Position and Geo-Fence: Track the location and movement of your boat
Battery Monitoring: Receive alerts if battery voltage is low
Engine Metrics: Connect to the engine to monitor hours and receive service reminders
Bilge: Connect to a bilge pump or high-water sensor
Security: Add motion sensor, magnetic switch, canvas snap sensor, or pressure pad
Shore Power: Add sensor to power outlet to monitor shore power connection
Temperature: Monitor temperature of cabin, engine room, fridge, or bait locker
Remote Switching: Add wireless or wired sensors to control lights, HVAC, bilge pumps, etc.

Siren Marine Security

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