Our Route around the planet

Circumnavigation & Ring of Fire

S/V Lynx will be going all the way around the world, twice!

The Projected Path

This is just a planned route, but repairs, weather, politics, and just our own choices will impact where we go and how long we stay at each location.


Over 110 countries, territories and regions around the world

We plan to see a lot of unique places and cultures, as we sail S/V Lynx to faraway shores and amazing destinations around the world. 

Sixteen Year Voyage

Each of the colored lines is a different year on our projected route; thirteen years all together.  (See detailed years below) 

Let's talk about our route projection.  The first thing to note is that this is only one of many projected routes we have considered.  This one assumes we start the trip in Southern California.  However, it is also possible that we might buy it elsewhere, like in the Caribbean, the Med., the Society Islands, Australia, or even Thailand,   

So, depending on where we buy or build the boat the route will change, though mostly the order of years more than the destinations we intend to visit.  When you look at this projected route, just be aware that where we start will rearrange where we go first, etc.  However, there are other factors that will determine the final route.

Besides where we start, the route will also change based on many other factors.  These include pandemic closures, political changes, weather, and boat repairs.  Finally, we might change our minds as we actually sail S/V Lynx!  Still, this is a good possible route and one we might follow (generally).

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