Route Details for Each Year

Please note that this is just one of our many projected routes, twice around the world.  Yes, this is one of our favorite routes, but changing politics, unpredictable weather, unforeseen repairs, health, or just because we change our minds, we might take a different route when the time comes.  Still, this is out best guess at our route, at least, for the moment.

Click on a map to get a detailed version of that year's route.

Year 1

Year 1  (Green)

Year 1 is our shakedown cruise of S/V Lynx as we sail around the Southern California islands before heading south to Baja Mexico.  From Puerto Vallarta, we will set sail across the Pacific Ocean to the Marquesas Islands and then on west through the South Pacific to end the year in Australia.
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Year 2

Year 2 (Tan)

In year 2, we explore the west coast of Australia, including the Great Barrier Reef.  We then head for Raja Ampat, Indonesia, then sail west across the Java Sea, then out through the Straits just past Jakarta where we will sail up the western shore of Sumatra along the Mentawai Islands as we head for Thailand.
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Year 3

Year 3 (Magenta)

Our first stop is in the Andaman Islands, before reaching the tip of India.  From there, we cross to Oman and sail through the Gulf of Aden to Djibouti.  We head north up the Red Sea.  In the Med, we visit Turkey, Greece, & Malta then head out past Gibraltar.  We turn north up Portugal, then sail around the Bay of Biscay ending this year in the UK.
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Year 4

Year 4 (Navy Blue)

We begin along the eastern shore of Ireland and sail north until we reach Northern Ireland,  Once there, we cross to Scotland, going around the Isle of Skye.  We then turn south and sail to Glasgow.  Leaving Scotland, we visit the Isle of Man, then head east to England.  We sail south to Wales, then around the lizard to Southern  England.
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Year 5

Year 5 (Sandstone)

We cross the English Channel and sail up the Seine river to Paris, then take canals to Belgium and the Netherlands.  We reach the Rhine River and head southeast to the Danube.  Once at the Black Sea, we go past Istanbul and into the med.  We visit Turkey, Greece, Italy, Monaco, France, and Spain before sailing to the Canary Islands to make our way across the Atlantic Ocean to the Caribbean.
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Year 6

Year 6 (White)

We make our way north up the Caribbean to the US then cross to Bimini.  We sail across the Atlantic to the Azores and then on to Ireland.  Going up the western shore we reach Northern Ireland and cross to Scotland, using the Caledonian Canal to reach the eastern shore.  We sail to the Orkney and Shetland Islands before crossing to Norway, then sail up to the Arctic Circle before reversing course toward Oslo.  We sail south to Denmark and end the year in Sweden. 
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Year 7

Year 7 (Yellow)

We sail north along the eastern Swedish coast to Stockholm.  Then, we sail south to the Kiel Canal in Germany.  We take the Wadden Sea to the Netherland, then take the 'mast up' route to Belgium. We cross the English Channel to visit London, then head west along the Southern Shoreline of England.  We cross the Ditch again to visit the Channel Islands, then sail to France and onto the Brittney Coast.
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Year 8

Year 8 (Jade)

From the Brittney Coast of France, we sail around the Bay of Biscay to the north of Spain, then to turn south to visit Portugal.  From there, we cross to Morocco and then sail on to the Canary Islands.  After touring those islands, we cross the Atlantic to the Southern Caribbean.
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Year 9

Year 9 (Red)

We sail north along the Caribbean Islands to Florida, then start the Great Loop of the US.  We sail up the eastern shore to New York, then take the Eerie Canal to the Great Lakes.  We swing around the Great Lakes to Chicago, then take the Mississippi, and other Rivers, south to New Orleans.
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Year 10

Year 10 (Blue)

We sail between Cuba and Mexico, then turn east to reach Grand Cayman.  From there, we had south to the Panama Canal.  Once in the Pacific Ocean again, we sail across to the Pitcairn Islands, then on to the Gambier and Austral chains before reaching the Society Islands.  We head a bit east and visit the Tuamotus Atolls to end the year.
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Year 11

Year 11 (Cyan)

We go back to the Society Islands then head west to the Cook Islands, Nuie, and Tonga.  Sailing north, we leave Tonga and visit Wallis & Futuna, then head south to Fiji.  From Fiji, we sail west again to Vanuatu, then south before turning west again to visit New Caledonia.  From there, we cross to Brisbane, Australia where we end this year.
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Year 12

Year 12 (Orange)

We sail up to the northern pars of Australia and then on to the Kimberly Islands.  From there, we cross to Christmas Island and then the Cocos (Keeling) Islands.  We now head west to the British Indian Ocean Territory before sailing on to stop in the Seychelles and visit the eastern coast of Africa.  We sail south to Madagascar and on to South Africa.
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Year 13

Year 13 (Purple)

Leaving South Africa, we sail across the southern Atlantic to Brazil, then head north to the Caribbean Islands.  We sail back up the eastern shore of the US to Canada, then turn south down the Lawrence River to the Great Lakes.  We use the Eerie Canal and the Hudson River to reach New York City, then head south along the Intercoastal Waterway to Florida.
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Year 14


Once in Florida, we will have to decide what comes next!  Do we sell the boat, or continue the voyage?  Only time will tell.

Year 15

Year 16

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