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The Cost to Build

There are four main costs in building the boat:
1) Constructing the shell
2) Finishing the boat to sail away condition
3) Adding optional (and some necessary) things.
4) Labor
Let's break down all four.

Cost Breakdown Totals:

Shell Construction: $378,889
Sail Ready: $108,134
Final Outfitting: $40,249
Labor: (free, we are insane but resolute)
Total: $527,272

But, where do these costs come from?  Read on for breakdown.


First Year -Shell Construction: $378,889

This consists of the following items, I am not showing individual prices for the first four items since you should get your own quote from Schionning and figure Shipping and Taxes for your location.  

  1. Kit - The laminated foam core CNC cut panels from South Africa (get a quote from Schionning, yours may be different since our boat has been heavily customized).
  2. Import Tax  - This is for importing to California, in the USA
  3. Build Plans - These come from Schionning, in Australia
  4. Shipping -In our case, this is from South Africa to Southern California

                                                             5. Construction Costs- (see below for full list)

Note: We need power to run tools, so we will purchase the boat's power system early on, use it for power, then move it to the boat during the second year. We are adding the tender because they both have along lead time, and we want to do some testing on the tender electric system early on.  Also, we are front loading our purchases, ordering things earlier than expected if they come form South Africa or Europe.  This has to do with the strength of the dollar and the current good exchange rates.  Some items are also shipping container that is coming from South Africa in December (that will save us some shipping costs).

Item Cost
Tent and poles for shading build site$2,542
Build Site: Rent: $9,600 & Prep: $1,245, 40' HC shipping container: $4690$15,535
Builders Insurance (estimate only)
Utilities (depending on your location, you might need to pay these.  We are generating our own power so we only need water)$1,200
Tools (laser level, circular saw, sanders, vacuum, faring tools, jig saw, multi tool, air respirators (DIY), body suits, table saw etc.)$3,622
Misc. supplies$4,000
Lithium Battery Bank - 33kWh (This and items below for the boat's power system.  We will use it early on for construction)$7,020
Victron Inverter 5000 watts, 48vdc to 230vac 50hz  (x2), Victron Isolation Transformer 3600w$5,688
Transformer 220v-240v to 110v-120v (to step down power from the 220v Inverter)$200
Victron 100|20 MPPTs (x11), Lynx Dist. (x4), Lynx Shunt, Smart shunt, GX Touch 70, GX Cerbo, misc. wires, etc.$4,884
Solar Panels 435 watt Sun Power used E20 panels (x11)$2,189
Solar cables, fuses and box, Solar Connectors, USB hub, VE direct cables (3), VE direct adapters to USB (8), $1,044
Electric Outboard (24 hp)$6,484
Electric Outboard 3 hp$3,077
Mast, boom, spreaders, and all associated hardware (ordered early to come in shipping container from S. Africa)$29,486
Jib Roller Furler and Wire Forestay (ordered early to come in shipping container from S. Africa)$4,300
Sails: (Main, Self-Tacking Jib, Screecher)$15,305
Diesel Engine/Generator (80hp Yanmar diesel), straight shaft (ordered early to take advantage of current good exchange rates)$13,000
Hybrid Electric System:  (ordered early to take advantage of current good exchange rates)$30,000
Running Rigging (ordered early to come in shipping container from S. Africa)$4,000
Refrigeration, Top Loading Freez./Refrig. 230vac/24vdc (1 NL125 & 1 NL72) (ordered early to come in shipping container from S. Africa)$1,764
Hatches/Portlights (4 Salon: $3,676, 6 Deck: $5,514, 10 Hull Portlights: $3,290, 2 Escape hatches: $2,586. 2 shower: $888)$15,954
Sailrite Sewing machine$1,270
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Finishing the boat - Second Year: $108,134

Once our boat shell has been completed, it will be time to start painting, adding engines, electrical, plumbing, rigging, deck hardware, etc.  Once that is done, the boat is in sail away shape.  Below is an estimated breakdown of these costs for the Solitaire 1540.

Item Cost
Paint (Paint: exterior top: $200, Interior: $250, Bottom: $775. Hulls: $300)$1,525
Painting Consumables$2,600
Clutches, & Dampers: (1 Clutch: $700, 2 Sigmadrive Dampers: $1,000)$1,700
Synthetic Rigging and screecher continuous furler$8,351
Deck Hardware: Winches: (1 elec.: $2,966 & 4 man.: $5,200), Traveler: $1,700, Jib Track, Blocks, Clutches $4,140$14,006
Refrigeration, Vertical freezer/refrig./Icemaker $5,000
Prop Shafts, struts, shaft logs, bearings (2 Shafts: $1,600, 2 P-brackets and cutlass bearings: $1,000, 2 Logs: $300)$2,900
VHF Radio (AIS/Radio: $1,300, Handset $250)$1,500
Radar (B&G HD 4G Broadband)$1,963
Fuel System$300
Folding props (Brunton's Autoprop ECO*STAR) (Quoted for S/V Lynx at 2912.70 each)$6,000
Steering Wheel & Rudder shafts ($500 x 2), Quadrants ($100 x 2), Sheaves ($350 x 7) and steering chain  ($175): Wheel: $358$4,183
Diesel AGM Starter Battery:$100
Electrical Panels: (12vdc - 13 switch: $371, 120vac - 6 switch: $214, 240vac - 6 switch: $258, 48vdc - 8 switch: $200$1,043
Windlass (Maxwell 48v)$2,598
Chain and Anchors (Bow Anchor $1,227, Stern Anchor $1,470, Chain $845, Rode $320, Chain Stopper: $100)$3,962
Docking Lines, Bridle, and snubbers (3/4" 50' lines: $50 x 8, Bridle 3/4" nylon line 50': $50, Line Snubbers: $45 x 4)$630
Navigation and Interior Lights: (Nav: $425, Interior: $390)$815
Cooking: (Induction pads x4 $276, Convection Microwave $300, Electric oven $140)$716
Non-skid deck paint$1,500
Countertop and Wood Trim: (Countertop $650, Wood Trim $300)$950
Toilets, Sinks, and Faucets: (Toilets $4,000, Sinks & Faucets $888)$4,888
Plumbing: (pipes $650, pumps $200,)$850
Water Makers (2 for redundancy and increased output)$7,000
Air Conditioners$12,000
Acrylic Windows:$800
Cleats, Stanchions, Lifeline: (Cleats $442, Stanchions $1750, Lifeline $190)$2,357
Latches, Locks, Hinges$934
Interior Flooring$1,300
Chartplotter and Wiring (Chartplotter: $4,400, M2K Wiring $390)$4,790
Electronics: (AP: $2,663.80, Wind gauge: $516, Dspl. $493 x2, Comp.: $2,278.75, GPS: $267.22, Pilot Ctrl: $330 x2)$7,373
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Final Outfitting: $40,249

Once our boat build is finished, there is additional equipment to be added, see list below:

Item Cost
Fenders (12" x 24" HTM: $119.00 x 8, 27" diameger Round: $140 x 4)$1512
Life Preservers (8)$1,440
Washing Machines (First unit)$720
Fire Extinguishers$750
Life Raft (8 person)$3,300
ePurb (1 main boat and 2 personal)$1,100
Enclosures (materials)$4,000
Cushions (materials)$2,000
Stern Barbeque and matching charging station: (one SS electric barbeque: $300, and one SS barbeque box $300)$600
Dive Compressor$6,700
Dive Gear$1,530
Iridium Go Satellite connectivity$800
Various Kitchen and galley accessories$400
Transportation of boat to water.$15,000
Sale of Shipping Container (We already have a buyer lined up in two years)$-3,752
4G cellular booster and Wifi booster (Cell: $400, Wifi: $400)$800
Marine Alarm System (Siren 3 Base Unit: $550, High Water/Entry/Battery/Bilge: $123.84 ea., Wireless Entry: $100.74)$974
Hull Cleaner - cordless$1,200
Fishing Gear (Reels: $620 x2, Rods: $150 x2, Braided line: $26 x4, Monofilament Leader Line: $15 x 8, plus misc.: $236)$2,000
Washing Machines (Second unit)$720
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These can all add up to some serious costs.  In our case, we want all of these things (and a few more), and what we are choosing for this will cost a whopping $40,249.  Your cost may be far less if you skip some of these options or make less expensive choices.

Grand Total

Getting you to sail away shape runs a total of $487,023, but adding on that final list of items drives the price up to a grand total of...


However, look at what we are getting:

1) A brand new 50' performance boat with space and comforts.
2) Combo diesel/electric propulsion & generator with 138 hp. 
3) 33kw of LifePO4 battery power (House 22kWh, Tender 11kWh).
4) An electric outboard powered dingy.
5) Shaft drives with Eco*Star Autoprop folding propellers.
6) Daggerboards with basalt reinforced casings.
7) Kick up rudders (for beaching and safety) .
8) A enclosed helm with separate steering and winch stations.
9) A spacious cockpit with seating for up to 14.
10) A 'garage' storage locker for up to 4 foldup bikes.
11) Two 6-person and one 4-person tables with seating for 16.
12) U-shaped galley & 12.7cf freezer space & 10cf refrigerator.
13) A large wrap-around, forward facing navigation station/desk.
14) 4 queen size beds in four cabins, each with ensuite dry heads.
15) A convertible salon queen size birth and separate single birth.
16) 2' 2" draft (with dagger boards up).
17) Good bridge deck clearance at 33".
18) Basalt reinforced hulls.
19) Fully enclosed helm with hard top and line handling station.
20) And much more! 

Solitaire 1520

A comparable performance cat of this water length and premium features built by a production company would cost well over a million dollars, sometimes up to 2 or 3 million. We can build her for much less! (See Grand Total below).

The Cost of Labor

The old saying is, 'time is money'. We are spending our own time to build this boat. However, that 8,000 (approx.) number of hours is time worth money. Even at just $30 an hour that is the equivalent of $240,000. Yet, even if you add that labor cost to your total the boat would cost: $767,272, and be ready to sail.  Boats from a production company would still need a lot more options added.  Even so, the Solitaire 1520 completely finished price is far less money.  Since we don't have the extra cash to pay people for labor, we have to build her ourselves.  However, we have the time, so we get to save that $240,000 (or more). 

Therefore, to us, the Grand Total is still $527,272ready to circumnavigate with all the toys and features.


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