Kit Boat

Solitaire 1490 Kit

This is a kit boat. What that means is that you pay for some plans from Schionning and then pay for the kit, which comes CNC precut from ATL Composites in South Africa. You then epoxy all the parts together to create the shell.

Included in the Kit:

From Schionning...

"The Schionning kit contains the basic materials you will need to complete the boat to a lock-up shell stage, with furniture installed, and finished to a basic faired stage of construction. Schionning kits are available in balsa or PVC foam.    The kit includes rolls of fibreglass, flat-packed panels that have been CNC-routed, epoxy resins, fillers, and powders, etc.  The panel materials in the kits are 100% accurate, everything you need to build the shell."

What is not included... is everything else, from paint to engines, sails, plumbing, electrical, etc.

We plan to build S/V Lynx from Duflex Foam cored precut panels (the green panels in the image, right).  The kit also includes jigs for building things like the hulls (brown pieces in image right).

In 'Cost to Build, there is a fairly complete list of everything we plan to add and the basic costs.  You may also take a look at the Build Time estimate  (buttons below).

1490 Kit

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