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Lithium Battery Prototyping Part 3

Kit-E17: Lithium Battery Build: Part 3

We finish the build of our first prototype lithium marine battery and the Admiral will go over her work on procuring shipping insurance, finding a customs broker, and arranging drayage for our kit!

Lithium Battery Prototyping Part 2

Kit-E16: Lithium Battery Build: Part 2

We share some big news about our catamaran kit and we continue our build of the Prototype Lithium batteries with part 2. We will also go over our efforts to procure the epoxy we need to build the catamaran.

Lithium Battery Building P1

Kit-E15: Lithium Battery Build: Part 1

We start constructing the prototype model of our 24v, 230ah lithium battery, how to get the cells, inspect them, and how we made custom 3D printed separators. So, come join us for the start of the battery build process!

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