Year Ten

Year 10

Year Ten Itinerary

Below is a list of the major places we will visit during year ten of our voyage.

Gulf of Mexico

New Orleans

After enjoying Mardi Gras in New Orleans, we depart into the Gulf of Mexico on our way around the western tip of Cuba, the up the southern side (offshore) and over to Cayman Brac.


Cayman Islands

Cayman Brac, Little Cayman, Grand Cayman

We begin our time in Grand Cayman at the eastern end, clearing in at Cayman Brac.  We then sail on to Little Cayman for an extended stay for epic diving in places like Bloody Bay. From there, we sail further west to the main island, and civilization at Grand Cayman.  When a weather window is good, we will sail south toward the Columbian Islands.


Columbian Islands

Providencia and San Andres.

We clear in at Providencia, and tour the island, then sail south to San Andres to see that island, before clearing out to head south toward the San Blas Islands.


San Blas Islands

El Porvenir, Guasirdup, West and East Cayos Holandes, Palm.

We spend two weeks in the remote San Blas Islands, enjoying the simple life and clear waters before heading to civilization and the Panama Canal crossing.


Panama Canal

Shelter Bay to Panama City.

It is time for us to leave the Atlantic Ocean and return to the Pacific, where we started the voyage around nine years before.  We make our way through Lake Gatun and on to Panama City, to reprovision for a long voyage to remote islands in the South Pacific.


Pearl Islands

Isla Contadora and Ensenada Playa Grande 

Before heading for Ecuador, we stop in the Pearl Islands at Isla Contadora and Ensenada Playa Grande.  When the weather looks good, we sail for Ecuador.




We clear in and out of Ecuador at Esmeraldas, waiting their for a good weather window for our longest passage of our entire voyage, the crossing from Ecuador to the Pitcairn Islands, over 4,000 nautical miles away.


Pitcairn & Gambier Islands

Pitcairn: Henderson, Adamstown, Oeno.
Gambier: Mangareva

We might make a stop at Henderson Island, depending on the weather, but we clear in and out of the Pitcairn Islands at Adamstown.  We might make a stop at Oeno Island, but again, it is weather dependent.  We will arrive in the Gambier Islands when we check in at Mangareva, where we plan to spend a three weeks, minimum.  Once we head out, we sail toward the Bass Islands, southwest.


Bass and Austral Islands

Bass: Rapa Iti.

We sail to the only inhabited island of the Bass Island group, and spend a couple of weeks there before sailing on to the Austral Islands.  On the way, weather permitting, we will make a stop at Neilson Reef.   On arriving in the Australs, we split three weeks between Raivavae and Tubuai Islands.  From there, we set sail north for the Society Islands.


Society Islands and Tuamotu Atolls

Society Islands: Tahiti
Tuamotu Atolls: Vaitepaua, Tikehau, Rangiroa, Apataki

We make a provisioning stop in Papeete, but will continue on north to reach the Tuamotu Atolls.  After visiting three, we end up at the Apataki Atoll, where we will put S/V Lynx on the hard and return in a two months from a visit home.  This resets our clock in French Polynesia, since we only get three month blocks and must leave between them to another country.  The boat may stay.


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