Year Ten

Year 10

Year Ten Itinerary

Below is a list of the major places we will visit during year ten of our voyage.

French Guiana and Suriname

French Guiana: Kourou, Salvation's Island, St. Laurent-du-Maroni
Suriname: Water-land Marina.

After departing from Brazil, we sail further west to French Guiana and then on to Suriname on our way back to the Caribbean.


Trinidad and Tobago, Grenada, St. Vincent and the Grenadines

Trinidad and Tobago: La Retraite, Mt. Irvine Bay.
Grenada: St. George, Hog Island, Prickly Bay, Hillsborough Bay.
St. Vincent and the Grenadines: Clifton, Charlestown, Lovell, Port Elizabeth, Kingstown.

We stop in Trinidad and Tobago for some boat refit work, then sail north to Grenada before moving continuing north to St. Vincent and the Grenadines.


St. Lucia, Martinique, Dominica, Guadeloupe, Antigua and Barbuda, St. Kitts and Nevis, Saint-Martin.

St. Lucia: Soufriere, Rodney Bay.
Martinique: Fort-de-France.
Dominica: Roseau, Portsmouth.
Guadeloupe: Le Marigot, La Digue.
Antiqua and Barbuda: Jolly Harbour.
St. Kitts and Nevis: Basseterre.
Saint-Martin: Simpson Bay.

We now slowly hop our way up the southern Caribbean islands, making out way, eventually, to Saint-Martin for some additional refitting.  Then we wait for a weather window to make the crossing to Bermuda.



Bermuda: St. George's.

Departing from Saint-Martin, we sail north to Bermuda.  Once arriving, we stay there only as long as necessary for a weather window to cross the Atlantic, headed for the Azores.  Initially, we sail northeast, but turn east as the Easterly Winds fill in our sails.


Crossing the Atlantic (eastbound)

Azores: Horta.

Once arriving in the Azores, this time we only stay until a weather window presents itself for a crossing to England.  Then we sail northeast and make the crossing to the UK.


Southern England

Falmouth, Salcombe, Teigenmouth, Weymouth, Hamble Point, South Hayling, Brighton Marina, St. Anthony's Hill, Dover. 

We are headed for the Baltic Sea, but on our way, we will stop along various ports of the southern English continent, departing from dover for France.


France, Belgium, Netherlands

France: Calais, Dunkirk.
Belgium: Bruges.
Netherlands: Rotterdam, Amsterdam.

We clear into the Schengen at Calais, then sail north east to Dunkirk.  After a brief stop in Belgium, we enter the Mast-UP route through the Netherlands, headed for Rotterdam and the onto Amsterdam.


The Wadden Sea

Netherlands: Den Oever, west-Terschelling, Lauwersoog.
Germany: Borkum, Spiekeroog, Wilhelmshaven.

Leaving Amsterdam, we enter the Wadden Sea and soon turn directly east, crossing over the top of Germany.  We make a few stops, including Wilhelmshaven, then head into the Kiel Canal.


Kiel Canal

Germany: , Duckerswisch, Kiel, Sassnitz.

We enter the Kiel Canal and stop in Duckerswisch for a night before continuing on to Kiel.  From there, we now enter the Baltic Sea.


Baltic Sea

Sweden: Trossa.

We do a two night passage going north, finally making our first stop in Sweden at Trossa.


Sweden (northbound)

Sweden: Dalaro, Stockholm.

After one more stop, we arrive in the capital of Sweden, Stockholm.


Sweden North (southbound)

Stockholm, Nynashamn.

After some time touring in Stockholm, we turn our bow south again before the weather turns cold this far north.


Sweden: Central (southbound)

Oxelosund, Korsudden, Visby.

Continuing our sail down Sweden's east coast, we stop in a couple of ports and then cross to Gotland.


Sweden South (southbound)

Oskarshamn, Kalmar, Pottholmen.

we stop three more times along the coast and depart from Sweden toward the Danish Island of Bornholm from Pottholmen.


Bornholm and Germany

Denmark: (Bornholm) Gudhjem.
Germany: Swinoujscie

After a stop in Bornholm, we sail on south to Germany, where we will take the mast down in preparation to enter the canals and Rivers of Germany.


German Canals (southbound)

Szczecin, Criwen, Marienwerder, Marina Schulz, Potsdam, Plauer See, Magdeburg.

With our mast now down, we can head into the canals, heading south.  One of our first stops will be at Berlin, then we will motor west.


German Canals (westbound)

Abbesbuttel, Hannoer, Miniden, Bramsche, Munster, Ludenscheid, Duisburg.

Continuing west through the canals, we make stops along the route, turning south again after Bramsche until we reach Duisburg and the Rhine River.


Germany, Netherlands (Rhine River)

Germany: Wassersportverein.
Netherlands: De Steeg, Rijksvluchthaven, Wolphaartsdijk, Plas Hatenboer.

Going down the Rhine, once we reach the Netherlands, we make a short detour to De Steeg, then return up river for a short motor to a canal headed south.



Veldhoven, Antwerp, Bruxelles, Le Grand Large.

We stop in Antwerp and Brusselles before reaching famous Slping lock of Ronquieres, where we load the boat onto a water filled train car and go up some tracks, followed further down the canal by the Strépy-Thieu boat lift, dropping us down with an



Seine/Nord Canal Entrance, La Chapelette, Janville, Parmain.

We enter the Seine/Nord Canal and head south toward Paris.


France: Paris

Ile de la Borde, Lieu de Residence pour.

Finishing the Seine/Nord Canal, we enter the Seine Canal, and head up into Paris.  After staying there, we turn back around and head down the Seine Canal.


France: Seine River

Port de Venables, Rouen, Le Havre.

On reaching Rouen, we exit the canal portion of the Seine and enter the tidal section, heading downstream to Lew Havre, where we will put up the mast again.


France and Channel Islands

France: Ouistreham, Isigny-sur-Mer, Cherbourg.
Channel Islands: St. Peter Port, Havre Goddelin Bay, St. Helier.

After leaving the Seine River, we head west, then sail up north to Cherbourg where we clear out of the Schengen and sail to the Channel Islands, an Independent Territory of the British Crown.  After visiting the islands, we sail to St. Malo and clear back into France.



St. Malo, Erquy, Bugueles, Roscoff, L'Aber Vrac'h.

Sailing west, we stop in a few ports before arriving in L'Aber Vrac'h, where we plan to pull the boat onto the hard for the winter and fly back to the U.S.


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