Year Thirteen

Year 13

Year Thirteen Itinerary

Below is a list of the major places we will visit during year thirteen of our voyage.

South Africa and Nambia

South Africa: Cape Town, Saldanha Bay.
Nambia: Luderitz, Walvis Bay

Leaving Cape town, we sail north, stopping at Saldanha Bay before crossing into Nambia.  We clear in at Luderitz and then sail to Walvis Bay where we clear out, and wait for a weather window to head into the south Atlantic toward St. Helena.


St. Helena


We make a stop at Jamestown to break up the long voyage from South Africa to South America.  Once we are ready, and a weather window is available, we sail for Brazil.


Brazil, French Guiana, Suriname

Brazil: Fernando de Noronha, Fortaleza, San Luis.
French Guiana: Kourou, Saint Laurent-du-Maroni
Suriname: Paramaribo

We clear into Brazil at the Island of Fernando de Moronha, then sail to the mainland arriving at Foraliza.  We clear out of the country at San Luis and sail toward French Guiana.  We make two stops there and sail further northwest to Suriname, stopping on one port before heading offshore to sail to the Caribbean.


Caribbean (south)

Martinique, Dominica, Guadeloupe, Antiqua and Barbuda, Saint Martin. 

We sail north up the Caribbean, making stops at various islands on our way to Saint Martin.


Virgin Islands


For our third trip through these islands we will stop and dive a few locations before reaching St. Thomas.  From there, we will sail offshore to reach Turks and Caicos.


Turks and Caicos

Grand Turk, Cockburn Harbour, Providenciales

We sail through Turks and Caicos again, enjoying the bank and swimming pool like waters.


Bahamas (south)

Mayaguana, Crooked Island, Clarence Town, February  Point, Lee Stocking, Rudder Cay.

We make our way through the lower Bahamas, heading north.


Bahamas (north central)

Long Island, Nassau, Spanish Wells

Continuing toward the USA, we sail the north central islands of the Bahamas.


Bahamas (north)

Great Abaco

Finishing out third leg of the Bahamas, we stop in Marsh Harbour and Double Breasted Cay before heading into the Gulf Stream north to the USA.


USA: East Coast and Chesapeake

Charleston, Beaufort, Wright Brothers, Virginia Beach, Annapolis,  Atlantic City. 

Finishing out third leg of the Indian Ocean crossing, we arrive in Africa, stopping in Tanzania for some safari tours.


Northeast USA and Canada

New York City, Long Island, Boston , Portland, Nova Scotia.

From New York City, we head to Long Island, then on up the coast toward Canada, stopping in Boston before reaching Nova Scotia.


Nova Scotia, Cape Breton, and the Magdalen Islands

Lockport, Dartmouth, Sydney

We sail the entire east coast length of Nova Scotia, headed toward Cape Breton Island.  We sail through the heart of Cape Breton, beginning at Porterville and coming out at Sidney.  Then we sail over to  Les Îles-de-la-Madeleine, to enter the Gulf of Lawrence.


Lawrence River (upper)

Quebec City. 

We enter the Lawrence River at Saint-Georges and head southwest toward Quebec City.


Lawrence River (lower), Lake Ontario, Eerie Canal


Continuing southwest, we make stops on our way to Montreal and then out at Kingston into Lake Ontario of the Great Lakes.  We cross to Oswego and take down the mast to make the trip through the Eerie Canal.


Hudson River

New York

This time, we will leave the mast down so that we can take the Intercoastal Waterway all the way to Florida.


Chesapeake Bay

Baltimore, Newport News. 

We motor down the Chesapeake Bay, stopping in Baltimore, and then Newport News.


East coast and Florida

Beaufort, Charleston, Savannah, Jacksonville, Daytona Beach, Cape Canaveral, Fort Pierce, West Palm Beach, Marine Stadium. 

Finishing out our voyage, we continue down the Intercoastal Waterway to Florida where this epic double circumnavigation comes to an end.


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