Year Fourteen

Year 14

Year Fourteen Itinerary

Below is a list of the major places we will visit during year fourteen of our voyage.

Tuamotu Atolls

Apataki, Toau, Fakarava North, Fakarava South.

After returning from the USA to do some boat work, including redoing the bottom paint, we launch and head south, stopping at two more atolls, ending with one of the best, Fakarava, before leaving the Tuamotu Atolls for good.


Society Islands: Tahiti

 Mataorio, Afaahiti, Ti'ama'o, Parc Vairai, Papeete.

We move around Tahiti, ending in Papeete to reprovision before sailing west to Moorea.


Society Islands: Moorea

Moorea: Ha'apiti, Haumi, Piha'ena, Papeto'ai.

We go counterclockwise around Moorea, and then depart from our fourth anchorage for Huahine.


Society Islands: Huahine, Raiatea, &  Tahaa

Huahine: Parea, Faie, Fare, Fiti'i.

We also circle around Huahine, stopping at four anchorages, then cross to Raiatea, where we hit the first four anchorages before heading north to Tahaa.  We stop at two anchorages, then head around and sail south to the final anchorage off of Raiatea, ready to head northwest toward Bora-Bora .


Society Islands: Bora-Bora

Motu P:iti A'au, Matira Beach.

Arriving in Bora-Bora, we spend some time here, enjoing this paradise.


Society Islands: Maupiha'a


Our final stop in the Society Islands is at Mauphha'a, an atoll.  We wait there for a weather window to cross to the Cook Islands.


Cook Islands


This is our only stop in the Cook Islands so we spend a few days in Rarotonga before sailing west toward Niue.



Beverage Reef and Niue

Weather permitting, we will stop at Beverage Reef for some scuba diving, but since there is no protection of any exposed land, we may have to sail past on our way to Niue.


Tonga: Tongatapu and Ha'apai Group

Tongatapu Group: Nuku'alofa.
Ha'apai Group (south): Kelefesia, Tonumeia Island, Telekitonga Island, Manga Island, Nomuku Iki,Fonoifua Island.

We clear into Tonga at Nuku'alofa and reprovision.  Then, we sail north into the Ha'apai Group, starting with the southern grouping of atolls.


Tonga: Ha'apai Group (North)

Oua Island, Ha'afeva, Kotu Island, Uiha Island, Lofanga, Niniva, Lifuka, Ofolanga Island.

We now work our way through the northern atolls of the Ha'apai group, stopping by Lifuka, the largest town, before heading north.  After one more stop in the Ha'apai Group, we head for the Vava'u Group.


Tonga: Vava'u Group

Tikehau, Rangiroa, Apataki.

We will come through these atolls during an earlier year in our voyage, but we want to spend more time visiting additional atolls for some wonderful scuba diving.  This is also a good location to leave the boat for a few months during Cyclone Season.  We will motor on a calm day up to Tikehau, then atoll hope southwest to Apatiki Atoll, where we plan to haul out for a few months.  We will fly to Papeete and then to the U.S. from the International airport.




This is the northernmost part of Tonga, so we have to clear out for our passage to Wallis and Futuna.


Wallis and Futuna

Mata'utu, Leava.

We clear into Wallis and Futuna at the first island and then spend some time before heading southwest to the second island where we will clear out, now headed for Fiji.


Fiji: Vanua Levu

Savusavu, Namenalala, Wainunu Bay Reef, Bua Bay Reef, Yadua Island, Nukuira Island, Kia Island, Mali, Tilagica Island, Nevuwai Bay, Albert Cove, Somosomo Straits, Korovou, Namacu.

We clear into Fiji at Savusavu, then go clockwise around Vanua Levu, finally departing from Taveuni Island headed southwest toward Namacu.


Fiji: Central Division

Nairai Island, Ngua Island, Dromuna Reef (N), Suva, Dromuna Reef (S), Levuka, Verevere, Nananu-i-Ra, Vatia Beach, Marou, Matacawalevu Village, Yasawas-i-Rara.

We stop by two smaller islands then reach Suva on the Central Division (largest island).  We then sail counterclockwise around that largest island, departing to the Yasawa Islands.  We will eventually head north to Rotuma.


Fiji: Rotuma


This is the most northern island in Fiji, where we will clear out, while waiting for a weather window to head for Tuvalu.



Funafuti, Nukufetau, Fanutapul, Miriapepe.

We clear into Tuvalu at Funafuti.  Unfortunately, this is the only port of entry or exit, so we also clear out when we depart.  We stop at three more Tuvalu atolls, but don't go ashore, we just fly our Qflag and wait for weather windows for the next hop up the chain, finally departing Tuvalu for good from Miriapepe.


Republic of Kiribati

Tarawa Island, Maiana, Abermama.

We clear into Kiribati at Tarawa Island, then sail back south to Maiana and Abemama, where we end the year.


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