Year Sixteen

Year 16

Year Sixteen Itinerary

Below is a list of the major places we will visit during year sixteen of our voyage.


Corail, Bahie du Mole, Raisinier.

We are not actually clearing into Haiti, just stopping for the nigh three times (if needed) with the QFlag flying.


Bahamas: (south)

 Mathew Town, Little Inagua, Pires Well Settlement, Plana Cays, Attwood Harbour, Crooked Island.

Clearing into the Bahamas at Mathew Town, we head north.  On reaching Pirates Well, we turn west and head for Crooked Island.


Bahamas: (central)

Clarence Town, Dollar Harbour, February Point, Lee Stocking, Rudder Cut Cay, Staniel Cay, Compass Cay, Shroud Cay.

Now sailign along the central portion of the Bahamas, we make several famous stops.


Bahamas: (northern)

Rose Island (Nassau), Spanish Wells, Marsh Harbour, Double Breasted Cay.

We reach Nassau and then set sail north to Spanish Wells.  From there, we head northwest to Marsh Harbour and clear out of the Bahamas before turning due west for a QFlag stop at Double Breasted Cay.


USA: East Coast (south)

Patriots Point Marina, Beaufort.

We sail up the gulf stream current, stopping once before reaching Beaufort.


USA: Chesapeake

Virginia Beach, Cockrell Creek, Tobbaco River, Washington DC, Canoe Neck Creek, Solomons Harbor, blatimore, Salem River, cape May Harbor West, Atlantic City.

We head up the Potomac River to Washington DC, then back down the Potomac River and north up the Chesapeake estuary to Baltimore.  Then we cut through Back Creek to the Delaware and out to the Atlantic and head further north.


USA: Long Island & East Coast (N)

Barnegat Light, Liberty Park (NYC), Oyster Cove, Port Jefferson, Mattituck, Wickford Harbor, Providence,  Bull Island, Martha's Vineyard, Harding Beach, Allerton Harbor, Pepperall Cove.

We sail into New York Harbor, then go up the East River under the Brooklyn, Manhattan, and  Williamsburg bridges, heading for Long Island, NY.  We sail up the Long Island Sound turning in to Narragansett Bay and reach Providence.  Then we head back out and sail north to Marth's Vineyard.  From there, we continue north.


USA: Maine & Nova Scotia

South Portland, Witch Island, Rockland Harbor, Northeast Harbor, Meteghan,  Lower West Pubnico, Lockport, West LaHave, Dartmouth, Sober Island, Goldboro.

We sail up the east coast of Maine, then cross over to Nova Scotia, continuing northeast up the coast.


Cape Breton Island and the Gulf of St. Lawrence 

Poirierville, Baddeck, Sydney, L'Etang-du'Nord, Smelt Brook, Gaspe Harbour.

We cut through the heart of Cape Breton Island and then head west across the lower Gulf of St. Lawrence.


St. Lawrence River (N)

Saint Georges,Rimouoski-Est, Tadoussac, Cap-a-l'Aigle, Vieux-Quebec, Trois-Rivieres, Parc Nautique de Sorel, Ile Tekakwitha.

We now work our way through the northern atolls of the Ha'apai group, stopping by Lifuka, the largest town, before heading north.  After one more stop in the Ha'apai Group, we head for the Vava'u Group.


St. Lawrence River (S), Lake Ontario, & the Erie Canal.

Croil Islands, Grenadier Island, Marysville, Wellington, Port Hope, Toronto, Youngstown, Rochester, Oswego, South Bay, Canal Harbor, Riverlink park, Waterford Harbor, Hop-O-Nose Marina

We finish sailing southwest down the St. Lawrence River into Lake Ontario, then go counterclockwise around the lake, stopping in Toronto and then Rochester before reaching Oswego to take the mast down.  Now we head east on the Erie Canal, reaching the Hudson and turning south.  We put the mast back up at Hop-O-Nose marina.


USA: Hudson River & Chesapeake

Pollepel Island, West 79th St Boat Basin, Atlantic Highlands, Barnegat Light, Atlantic City, Cape May Harbor West, Salem River, Annapolis.

Now a sail boat again, we head south, stopping in New York City and then heading out to the Atlantic and down to Atlantic City before heading into the Delaware where we cut back through the Back Creek to the top of the Chasapeke and then down to Annapolis.


USA: East Coast (central)

Point Lookout Creek, Horn Harbor, Newport News, Silver Lake, Beaufort.

We sail out of the Chesapeake an dstop at Newport News before heading further south to Beaufort.


USA: East Coast (south)

Charleston, Turner Creek, Jacksonville.

Continuing out sail south, we stop in Charleston and Jacksonville.


USA: Florida

Daytona Beach, Cape Canaveral, Fort Pierce, Palm Beach, Miami.

Reaching Florida, we stop at Daytona Beach, Cape Canaveral, Palm Beach and end our sixteen year, circumnavigation and Ring of Fire voyage in Miami Beach.


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