Year Two

Year 2

Year Two Itinerary

Below is a list of the major places we will visit during year two of our voyage.

Australia (Southwest Coast)

New South Wales

We start the new season in Sidney, and head north up the coast, then turn east and cross the East Australian Current, headed for Lord Howe Island.  From there, we head north, and turn back across the current, headed for Brisbane.


Australia to the Great Barrier Reef


From Brisbane, we head north along the coast, skipping way up to the start of the Great Barrier Reef.  We go offshore here for some scuba diving on the beginning of the reef.


Australia Great Barrier Reef (S)

Queensland (Central)

We head back in to the mainland at Ball Bay, before going to the Whitsunday Islands. We go back out the the Barrier Reef and then return to shore at Townsville. 


Australia Great Barrier Reef (N)

Queensland (North)

We head out to visit a few more reefs, then pull in at Cairns. Then work our way north to Thursday Island at the top of eastern Australia where we clear out of the country.


Indonesia (Eastern)

Raja Ampat

We clear in at Tual City and then work out way north to the southern and norther Raja Ampat area for one of the top three scuba diving destinations in the world.  After that, we head southwest to Ambon.


Indonesia (Central)

Komodo Island, Bali, and other islands.

We sail west through the Java Sea, stopping to see Komodo Dragons, and then some stops in Bali before hitting some small islands on our way toward the Sunda Strait.  


Sumatra and Thailand

Phang Nga Bay

Going past Jakarta, we plan to head out through the Sunda Strait to the Mentawai Islands and sail up the western coast of Sumatra to Sabang. We check out of Indonesia at that port and head for Thailand to visit islands and other locations in the Andaman Sea.


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