Year Four

Year 4

Year Four Itinerary

Below is a list of the major places we will visit during year four of our voyage.


England: Segas Sailing Club, Dover.
France: Calais, Dunkirk.
Belgium: Burges
Netherlands: Wemeldinge, Drimmelen

Leaving England, we cross the English Channel to France, then head northeast to Belgium and on to the Netherlands.  We take the mast down and then cut over to the Rhine River, heading east into Germany.


Germany (Western)

Wesel, Duisburg, Dusseldorf, Hitdorf, Cologne, Widdig, Bonn, Neiderwerth, Ze Fellen, Lorch, Heidenfahrt, Frankfurt, Aschaffenburg, Reistenhausen, Lohr, Wurzburg.

We now motor up stream on the Rhine river, going slowly, making of lot of stops.  The river runs 4 knots against us until we reach Koblenz, where it enters the Rhine Valley and now runs around 8 knots.  Now we have a very slow portion for 40 miles taking 3 days and only making good about 2 knots up stream, running both engines and motors.


Germany (Eastern)

Mainsondheim, Schonunger Bucht, Regnitz, Nuremberg, Dietfurt, Westenviertel, deggendorf, Hutt-Siedjung.

Now finally out of the Rhine Valley, we thankfully enter the Rhine/Main canal at Regnitz and finally get rid of that up current slog!  We travers the canal and after passing Dietfurt, we enter the Danube River, thankfully, going down current now. 



Lustenau, Annastift, Mitterau, Vienna, Hanburg. 

Cruising down the Danube, we head for Vienna and then head for the Austrian border.



Narad, Dunaalmas, Budapest, Uszodag.

We now pass through the last lock until we reach the famous Iron Gate.  We motor on to Budapest and then head to Uszod.



Apatin, Vukovar, Novi ad, Belgrade, Golubac Fortress, Kladovo, The Iron Gate. 

Motoring further down the Danube, we head for Belgrade.  Once past there, we stop at Golubac Fortress, and then continue on to the Iron Gate.



Vidin, Corabia, Ryahovo, calarasi, Poarta Alba, Tomis.

After an excursion into the Transylvanian Alps by car, we head further down the Danube, now motoring swiftly for the Black Sea.  When we finally reach Tomis, we put mast back up and become a sailing vessel again.


Turkey (Northern)

Istanbul, Marmara, Cardak, Canakkale, Guzelyali, Bozcaada.

We sail south in the Black Sea to the Bosphorus Strait, which connects from the Black Sea to the Sea of Marmara.  After crossing that Sea, we reach the Dardanelles Strait and pass through to the Aegean Sea.  We stick to the coast of Turkey, and turn south.


Turkey (Western)

Bademli, Cesme, Ephesus, Yalikoy, Bodrum, Buyuk Limani, Serce Limani, Marmaris.

Now sailing south down the western shore of Turkey, we stop in Ephesus to see the ruins, then head for Marmaris, in case we need some boat work.


Greece (Eastern)

Rhodes, Exo Vatni, Santorini, Naxos, Mikonos.

Clearing out of Marmaris, Turkey, we clear into the Schegen at Rhodes, Greece.  We then sail west to the Greek Isles, turning north at Santorini.


Greece (Central) / Albania

Greece: Gavrio, Patitiri, Monilia, Chalcis, Athens, Isthmia, Agios Vasileios, Vasiliki, Ammoudia, Corfu.
Albania: Vlore

Continuing our voyage in Greece, we head north to the underwater preserve of Patitiri for some scuba diving.  Then we turn west and head into the North Euboean Gulf where we pass through the narrows at Chalcis.  Now in the South Euboean Gulf  we continue on to Athens.  After a few days in teh capitol of Greece, we go through the ancient Corinth Canal in to the Gulf of Corinth and that takes us out to the Ionian Sea, where we turn north and check out at Corfu.  We briefly check in and out of Vlore, Albania, to save some Schengen days on the water.


Montenegro / Italy

Montenegro: Zelenika
Italy: Venice

We make a brief stop, checking in and out again, in Zelenika, Montenegro, again saving Schengen days as we sail allt he way up the Adriatic Sea to Venice, Italy


Italy / Croatia

Italy: Venice
Croatia: Rovinj, Skradin, Dubrovnik

We make two stops in Croatia, before sailing south to Dubrovnik, the capitol. 


Croatia / Montenegro

Croatia: Dubrovnik
Montenegro: Donja Lastva, Kotor, Ljuta, Risan, Zelenika 

We check out of the Schengen again at Dubrovnik and head back to Montenegro for a longer stay this time.  After crusing around in the Bay of Kotor, we clear out in Zelenika and head out for Italy.


Italy (Southern)

Massina, Torre del Greco, Miseno, Ponza Island, Rome.

We round the boot of Italy and stop in Messina, then head across to visit the ruins of Pompeii.  Then we head for Rome.


Italy (Northern)

Giannutri, Portoferraio, Pisa, 

Sailing north, we stop in the Marina park at Giannutri, then pass through Portoferraio Island on our way to Pisa


Monaco and the French Riviera

France: Nice, Cannes, Poruerolles, Marseille.

We sail across to Monaco and see the sights before sailing west along the French Riviera, stopping at notable places like Nice, Cannes and Marseille.


Spain / Gibraltar

Spain: Barcelona, Ibiza
UK: Gibraltar 

Leaving the French Riviera, we sail to Spain and see Barcelona, then head across the Balearic Sea to the Balearic Islands.  From there, we sail west to Gibraltar, and out of the Mediterranean Sea.


Canary Islands

Las Palmas 

We make the crossing from Gibraltar to the Canary Islands, then stop for a few days in Las Palmas to provision and wait for a weather window to cross the Atlantic to the Caribbean.


St. Lucia / Martinique / Dominica

St. Lucia: Rodney Bay
Martinique: Ford de France
Dominica: Roseau

We make landfall after about nineteen days at sea in Rodney Bay.  Once we arrive, we will spend Xmas in St. Lucia.  Then we head north to Martinique for New Years.  Once we recuperate from the celebration, we sail to Dominica where we end the fourth year.


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