Year Six

Year 6

Year Six Itinerary

Below is a list of the major places we will visit during year six of our voyage.

Caribbean (south)

Dominica, Guadeloupe, Antiqua and Barbuda, Anguilla, 

We sail north up the Caribbean islands chain, headed for Simpson Bay while making stops at various islands along the route.


Virgin Islands

British, American, Spanish

We do our most extensive voyage around the Virgin Islands, stopping at many places in the BVI, then USVE. and finally one stop in the SVI before heading west to our only visit to Puerto Rico.


Puerto Rico

San Juan, Arceibo, Mayaguez

We clear into Puerto Rico at San Juan, then head along the north shore to Mayaguez where where we clear out, headed for the Dominican Republic.


Dominican Republic

Cap Cana Marina, El Millon, Plya Caleton, Corfresi

We sail along the north shore, clearing in at Cap Cana Marina and then clearing out at Corfresi.


Suwarrow (Anchorage Island)


We stop at the Suwarrow atoll for a breather and to wait for another weather window to get us to American Samoa, about 447 miles away, or about three to four days.  This is our only trip to this country, so we will see the sights!


Turks & Caicos, Bahamas

Turks & Caicos: Grand Turk, Cockburn Harbour, Chalk Sound
Bahamas: Pirate Wells,  Crooked Island, Long Island, Exuma, Lee Stocking, Staniel Cay, Compas Cay, Shroud Cay, Nassau.

Leaving the south Caribbean, we head northwest to Turks and Caicos, then continue that track into the Bahamas, stopping at various islands as we head for Nassau.


Bahamas (north)

Spanish Wells, Great Abaco. Double Breasted Cay

We finish our first trip to the Caribbean sailing to Spanish Wells, Marsh Harbour, and a stop at Double Breasted Cay while we wait for a weather window to ride the Gulf Stream north, up Florida.


South & North Carolina, Virginia

Charleston, Beaufort, Virginia Beach

We only make three stops on our way north up the East Coast of the USA.  These are more provisioning and parts stops then touring as we want to cross the Atlantic and head back to Europe.



St. George's

We stop in Bermuda to wait for a weather window to cross the Atlantic.  Our strategy for this difficult west to east crossing is to wait for a passing front to get favorable wind, then sail west until the winds return to their normal west blow.  We will dowse the sails and turn on the motors to continue dead east, staying below 35 degrees north latitude.  This means motoring for around 1,300 miles.  Then we turn north and head for the Azores.



Islands: Faial, Sao Jorge, Graciosa, Terceira, and Sao Miguel

We make landfall and clear in at Horta, then sail around the major Azores' islands, clearing out at Ponta Delgada to head north toward Ireland.


Ireland & Northern Ireland

Ireland: Bantry, Glengarriff, Kilrush, Galway, Roundstone, Broadhaven, Rosses Point, Rospenna.
Northern Ireland: Londonderry, Coleraine, Balleycastle.

Having previously sailed the Irish Sea, we take the more difficult route around the west side of Ireland, headed north to Northern Ireland.



The Caledonian Canal

We sailed Scotland's west and north side in year four, but now we will head through the heart of the country, taking the Caledonian Canal from Fort William to Iverness.  Once out of the canal, we will set sail for the most northern United Kingdome islands.


New Caladonia

Noumea, Ua Island, Kuto Bay, Bay Coro, Tadine Bay, Luengoni Bay, Drueulu, Lekiny, Ba, Bay de Tare, Ouasse, Ile Toupeti, Ouinne

Noumia is the only port for clearing in, so we have to sail past the east islands, around the point and over to Noumea.  Once cleared in, we sail south east then turn north west, and then north east, to cross back to the outer islands.  WE head west along three islands before sailing back across to the mainland, then south east along that shore.  We round the southern pint of the mainland, again, and go back to Noumea to clear out. 


Orkney and Shetland Islands

Kirkwall, Lerwick

Leaving from Wick, we cross to Kirkwall, on Orkney Island.  When a weather window presents, we will sail to Fair Island on our way to Lerwick, at Shetland Island.  We move up to Buness, at the northern tip of Shetland to wait for a short weather window to cross the dangerous North Sea to Norway.


Norway (north bound)

Maloy, Geiranger, Kristiansund, Vallersund, Reine, Svolvaer, Korsnes

We arrive in Norway at Maloy to clear into the Schengen, then head north.  We work out way up using inland passages as much as possible, headed for the Lofoten Islands, which are above the Arctic Circle.  Once visiting those islands, we turn around and head south.


Norway (south bound)

North: Kristiansund, Alesund, Maloy, Floro, Leirvik, Flam, Bergen, Haugesund, Jorpeland, Lysebotn, Stravanger.
South: Egersund, Farsund, Kristiansand, Arendal, Helgeroa, Tonsberg, Oslo.

Returning south, still staying in protected waters as much as possible, we visit some new stops and eventually reach larger cities, starting with Alesund.  We continue south, stopping in several cities, like Bergen.  We then head around the south end of Norway and work our way north up to Oslo.


Sweden, Denmark, & Germany

Sweden: Havstenssund, Stenungsund, Varberg.
Denmark: Coppenhagen

With the weather turning cold, we head south, stopping in three swedish ports before visiting Coppenhagen in Denmark.  Then we finish this year by putting S/V Lynx on the hard at Laboe, Germany, for the cold northern winter.


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