The 1520 Specs

Here are the specs about the Solitaire 1520, as we plan to build this catamaran.

Specification Value
LOA15.24 Meters (50') with sugar scoop extensions
BOA7.88 Meters (25' 10")
Draft.65 Meters (2' 2")
Bridgedeck Clearance.84 Meters (2' 9")
Payload (LCC)3,810 kg (8,400 lbs.) with sugar scoop extensions, synthetic rigging, and Combo propulsion system.
Dry Displacement11,683 kg (25,756 pounds) with lighter synthetic rigging and Combo propulsion system.
PropulsionOne 80 hp diesel engine with a 25kw parallel hybrid electric motor/generator and an Electric 20 kw motor.
Headroom in salon/cockpit1.97 Meters (6' 5.5")
Headroom in hulls2.05 Meters (6' 8.5")
Mast Height18 Meters (59')
Air Draft21.95 Meters (72')
Boom Length5.95 Meters (19' 6"')
Mainsail80.75 sq. meters (869 sq. ft.)
Overlapping Headsail49.5 sq. meters (533 sq. ft.)
Fuel Capacity600 liters (158 gallons)  (Two tanks)
Water Capacity600 liters (158 gallons) (Four tanks)
Length to Beam ratio2 to 1 (approx.)
Sailing speeds10-18 knots* (estimated, waiting on seatrial tests from Hull #1, coming soon).
Motoring speeds8-12 knots* (estimated, but we will have to see how our specific propulsion system does during sea trials).
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