The 1490 Specs

So why are we so excited about building a Solitaire 1490 kit boat from Schionning Designs? Let us take a look.

Solitaire 1490 Specs

Specification Value
LOA15.35 Meters (50' 4") with sugar scoop extensions
BOA7.88 Meters (25' 10")
Draft.65 Meters (2' 2")
Bridgedeck Clearance.84 Meters (2' 9")
Payload (LCC)3,523 kg (7,766 lbs.) with sugar scoop extensions
Displacement12,000 kg (26,456 lbs).  (likely a bit more with our changes)
Propulsion2 x 53.8 hp Yanmar Marine diesel engines with Combi 10 kw electric parallel hybrid motors/generators.
Headroom in salon/cockpit1.97 Meters (6' 5.5")
Headroom in hulls2.05 Meters (6' 8.5")
Mast Height18 Meters (59')
Air Draft21.95 Meters (72')
Boom Length5.95 Meters (19' 6"')
Mainsail80.75 sq. meters (869 sq. ft.)
Overlapping Headsail49.5 sq. meters (533 sq. ft.)
Fuel Capacity600 liters (158 gallons)
Water Capacity600 liters (158 gallons)
Beam to Length10:1
Sailing speeds10-15 knots
Motoring speeds7-11 knots (fully loaded in our design)
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