Year Three

Year 3

Year Three Itinerary

Below is a list of the major places we will visit during year three of our voyage.

Thailand (Andaman Sea)

West Coast

We sail out of the Phang Nga Bay and head up the west coast of Thailand, entering the Andaman Sea.  We clear out of Thailand at Ranong, and then sail west toward the Andaman Islands of India.


Andaman Islands

Around the islands

We clear in at Port Blair, then head south to toward Butler Bay.  Once we visit Little Andaman Island, we reverse course and head north, but this time we go along the western shore and cut through the Middle Strait to the east side of Andaman Island.  We turn south and work out way back to Port Blair where we clear out of the Andaman Islands, but not India, as we are now headed for the Palk Stait between mainland India and Sri Langa.



Palk Strait, Rameswarm, Kochi, Bangaram Atoll

We enter the Palk Strait and stop at Rameswarm, then go through the rail way lifting bridge and on around the horn of India to Kochi.  We clear out of Kochi, then make a Q-flag stop in Bangaram where we prepare to cross the Arabian Sea to Oman.


Oman and Djibouti

Raysut and Djibouti. 

We clear in to Oman at Raysut, then wait for a weather window to traverse the Gulf of Aden toward Djibouti.  Once we arrive in Djibouti, we reporvision for our trek up the Red Sea and wait for a good weather window to depart.


The Red Sea

Suakin (maybe), dive the Red Sea, and the Suez Canal

Making out way north up the Red Sea by motoring on electric motors and, when necessary, our diesel engine.  We may or may not have to stop in Sudan at Suakin to refuel.  If not, we just keep the Q-Flag flying and stop along the way as needed if the wind and waves get too strong and steep.  We stop at some islands to scuba dive, and a few wrecks, but keep moving toward the Suez Canal.  Once through, we head for Israel.


Israel and Cypress

Tel Aviv, Lamassol, Karpaz. 

We spend a week touring Israel from Tel Aviv, then head north toward Cypress.  We clear in and out of the Republic of Cypress at Lamassol, then sail east around the end of Northern Cypress, clearing in and out at Karpaz before heading northeast toward Mersin, Turkey.


Turkey (southern)

Mersin, Akdeniz, Tisan, Bozyazi, Alanya, Side, Antalya, Finike, Kaz, Gocek Bay, and Marmaris.

After touring inland from Mersin, we sail west along the bottom of Turkey, making stops along the coast until we reach Marmaris, where we clear out to head for Greece. 


Greece and the Isle of Crete

Rhodes, Lindos, Karpathos, Sitia, Heraklion, Rethimno, Chania.

We clear into Greece at Rhodes and then turn west, working our way to and then along the northern shore of the Isle of Crete.  We set sail for Malta from Chania.



Valletta, St. George's Bay, AZure Window, and Mgarr.

We arrive in Malta at Valletta, then sail around clockwise to St. George's Bay.  We continue northwest to the Azure Window, then go around the end of Malta and back to Mgarr.  From there, we sail northwest toward Sicily.


Sicily, Central Italy, Sardinia

Marsala, Napes, Rome, Sardinia.

We make a stop on the island of Sicily, at Marsala, then head across the Tyrrhenian Sea to Naples.  After touring around the volcano, we head north to Rome for a few days before turning out bow west for the Italian island of Sardinia.  We clear out of the Schengen at Porto Cervo, then wait for a weather window before sailing west toward Gibraltar.


Gibraltar, Portugal, Spain

Gibraltar, west shore of Portugal, and northern Spain. 

On arriving at Gibraltar, we head on for Portugal, re-entering the Schengen Area at Faro.  We continue north up the Portugal coast, making several stops at ports before reaching Spain and the Bay of Biscay.  We plan to sail east along the coast of Spain, skirting around the edge of the Bay of Biscay, headed for France.


France: Brittany Coast

Arcachon, La Rochelle, Les Sables d' Olonne, Penchateau, Lorient, Loctudy, Sainte-Evette, Camaret.

As good weather windows present themselves, we continue our sail around the shores of the Bay of Biscay.  We tour along the Brittany coast of France, stopping at several ports until we reach Camaret, near Brest.


The English Channel

Channel Islands, Weymouth, London 

We wait for a weather window to get past the dangerous Raz de Sein, and then go around the point into the English Channel.  We sail east to the Channel Islands, stopping briefly in Braye to wait for another weather window to cross the English Channel to Weymouth.  Then we sail further east to Dover, and on to London.


Irish Sea

Belgium: Ostend
France: Dunkirk, Calais
England: Dover, Ramsgate, Queensborough, London, Segas. 

After visiting London, we head back west along the southern shores of England, this time stopping at ports along the way.  We go past the Isle of Wight and then on toward The Lizard (the most southernly point of the British Mainland. After our more leisurely sail along southern England, we pick cross to the Isles of Scilly, stopping in Hugh Town.  When a good weather window presents itself, we set sail across the southern end of the Irish Sea to arrive in Cork, Ireland, where we will end the third year of our voyage.


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