Year Seven

Year 7

Year Seven Itinerary

Below is a list of the major places we will visit during year seven of our voyage.

Germany, Sweden (North bound)

Germany: Sassnitz
Sweden: Trossa, Dalaro, Stockholm.

Leaving Laboe, we head west into the Baltic Sea, making one more stop in Germany at Sassnitz.  We then turn our bow north and head swiftly for northern Sweden, only stopping at Trossa and Dalaro before reaching the Swedish capital of Stockholm where we stay to tour for a few days.


Sweden (south bound), Denmark and Germany

Sweden, Denmark, Germany

This time, while headed south, we visit various stops along the eastern coast of Sweden.  We cross the Baltic Sea and stop in one Denmark port, Gudhjem, then continue on to Germany.  We go up the Szczecin Lagoon and stop to tour inland to Berlin.  Then we head west through the Kiel canal, going up the Elbe River to Hamburg.  We return to the sea and then go up the Weser River to Bremmen.  Again returning to the sea, we visit Wilhelmshaven before heading into the Wadden Sea.


Netherlands & Belgium

Netherlands: Lauwersoog, Oost-Vlieland, Den Oever, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Kortgene.
Belgium: Ostend.

We sail west through the Wadden Sea, landing on our hulls every six hours.  We finally reach Amsterdam for a visit, then we take the inland 'mast up' route to Rotterdam for a few more days. We head further south to Kortgene and out into the English Channel into Belgium, stopping at Ostend.


France & England

France: Dunkirk, Calais.
England: Dover, London, St. Anthony's Hill, Brighton, Southhampton, Poole, Weymouth.

We make stops in France at Dunkirk and then check out of the Schengen at Calais before crossing the English Channel to head up the Thames River to London.  After a week, we had back out and stop in Dover, then sail our way west along the southern shores of England to Southhampton.  Next we sail to Poole, then on to Weymouth to wait for a weather window to cross the English Channel again.


Channel Islands & France

Channel Islands: Braye, St. Peter's Port, St. Helier.
France: Bugueles, Roscoff, Aber Wrac'h

Having left the UK, we head for the Channel Islands and clear in at Braye, then visit all three islands before clearing out at St. Helier.  We then sail to France, clearing in to the Schengen at Roscoff before heading further west to Aber-Wrac'h, where we leave S/V Lynx on the hard for the winter.


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