Year Seven

Year 7

Year Seven Itinerary

Below is a list of the major places we will visit during year seven of our voyage.

Austrailia: New South Wales (S)

Palm Beach, Lake Macquarie, Port Stephns, Lord Howe Island.

Arriving back from the USA, we get the boat ready for voyaging again and then set out north, up the Australian coast for a couple of stops before crossing the East Australian Current (EAC, which runs up to 4 knots, south) on our way to Lord Howe Island.  Besides wanting to visit this island, we also get out of the current so that we can make our way north, then come west again, crossing the current to enter Brisbane.


Austrailia: Queensland (S)

Brisbane, Caloundra, Noosa Heads, Inskip, River Heads, Burrum Heads,  Burnett Heads, Lady Elliot Island Reef, Lady Musgrave Reef, Heron Island.

We hug the east coast of lower Queensland, making several stops until we cut behind Fraser Island to stay out of the EAC.  Now free of the current, we head north and off shore to some small islands.


Australia: Great Barrier Reef

Hixson Cay Reef, Unknown Reef, Storm Reef, Olympic Reef, Paul Reef, Penrith Island,  Keswick Island, Slade Point, Ball Bay, Whitsunday Island.

We head out to the southern end of the Great Barrier Reef and then follow along some of the reefs, going northwest.  We come back to the mainland at Slade Point and Ball Bay before heading north to Whitsunday Island.


Australia: Queensland (C)

Wallaby Reefs, Dingo Reefs, Stanley Reef, Bowden Reef, Big Broadhurst Reef, Townsville, Trunk Reef, Adelaide Reef.

Sailing north, we rejoin the Great Barrier Reef at Wallaby Reefs, then follow along the reef northwest until we turn west for Townsville on the main coast.  After a long stop there to tour, we head out to Trunk Reefs, where we have to decide if the weather is good enough to begin heading offshore, stopping at Adelaide Reef or continue on in protected waters to Cairns.


Australia: Queensland (Daintree)

Desired Route:
Holmes Reefs, Michaelmans Cay, Cairns, Port Douglas, Agincourt Ribbon Reef, Escape Reef, Cook Town.

Alternate Route:
Cairns, Port Douglas, Agincourt Ribbon Reef, Escape Reef, Cook Town.

If the weather is good, we go offshore to Homes Reefs before coming back into the main land at Cairns.  Otherwise, we take the direct route strait to Cairns.  Either way, after Cairns, we sail to Port Douglass and then back out to some reef stops, still heading north to Cook Town.  We are now in Salt Water Crocodile country, so no diving along the shores.  If we make it out to Holmes Reefs, then we may dive.


Australia: Queensland (Jack River)

Desired Route:
Pixies Pinnacle, Osprey Reef, Tijou Reef.

Alternate Route:
Pixies Pinnacle, Lizard island, Ingram Island, Stanley Island, Tijou Reef.

Leaving Cook Town, we reach Picies Pinnacle and again need to make a decision based on weather.  If conditions are good, we sail out to Osprey Reef for some scuba diving, if not, we hug the coast and stay out of the crock infested waters.  both routes meet up in Tijou Reef.


Australia: Queensland (Far North)

Restoration Island, Margaret Bay, Milman Island, Blackwood Bay, Thursday Island.

We make our way north along the coast of northeast Australia, to the far tip and Thursday Island, where we check out of the country, ready to make the crossing to Indonesia.


Indonesia (East)

Tual City, Tayandu, Pulau Tioor, Pulau Ceram-laut, Pelabuhan Bula.

We clear in at Tual City and then continue north toward Raja Ampat.


Indonesia: Raja Ampat

Raja Ampat (S): Pulau Pelee, Pulau Yilliet, Pulau Wagmab, Pulau Mesemta, Palau Openta.

Raja Ampat (N): P Kabra Lollo, Sorong, Batanta Island, Yanbuba, Raja Ampat, Pulau Gam, Telaga Bintang, Tanjung Mabo, Sorong

Our first stop in Raja Ampat are the southern Island grouping.  After doing some diving there, we head to Sorong to reprovision.  Leaving that city, we head around a loop of Raja Ampat North, coming back around to Sorong again to clear out of Indonesia.  Then we head north toward the Philippines.



Davao City.

We clear into the Philippines here, and end the year.


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