Year Eight

Year 8

Year Eight Itinerary

Below is a list of the major places we will visit during year eight of our voyage.

Philippines: South (northbound)

Davao, Pujada Island, Quinablangan Island, Enchanted River, Kamaleg, Surigao City, Sulan.

After clearing into the Philippines at Davao, we head north along the east shore.


Philippines: North (northbound)

Tacloban City, Cabiton-an, Barangay Sila, Monreal, San Paascual, Torrijos, San JOse, Batangas, Pico Sands Hotel, Manila.

Now cutting across the north portion of the Philippines, we work out way to the capital, Manila, our farther point north.


Philippines: North (southbound)

Corregidor Island, Tilik, Apo Reef Natural Park, Capara Island, Dicabaito Island, Marily Island, Coron Town Proper, Bulalacao Island, Carnasa Island, Panagatan Malaki Island, Caticlan, Batay, North Gigante Island, Bobo City.

We sail down to Busuanga Island and then to Culion Island before heading east and working our way back toward the eastern shores of the Philippines.


Philippines: South  (southbound)

Dawahon Reef, Surigao City, Kamaleg, Enchanted River, Quinablangan Island, Pujada Island, Davao.

On reaching the outer eastern shore, we turn south and retrace our steps from our northbound sail until we reach Davao again, where we clear out of the Philippines.


Australia: Norther Territory

Philippines, through Raja Ampat, to Norther Australia.

From the Philippines, we sail through Indonesia, without stopping so that we don't have to clear in and out again, on our way to Darwin, in Northern Australia.


Australia: (Western Australia)

Kimberly Islands.

After leaving Darwin, we head for the Kimberly islands to cruise around these odd and interesting places, with vertical ocean waterfalls, pools where our boat is started far from the sea while the tide goes out, and all kinds of other beauty and crazy features.


Indonesia: (South)

Kupang City, Komodo Island, Toro Mangeatan, Oi Fanda Beach, Tengah Islands, Pulau Kapoposangbali, Medana Bay, Lembongan, Kuta, Tulamben ship, Lovina, Brakas.

Clearing into Indonesia at Kupang City, we turn west and take the Flores, Bali, and Java Seas.  We stop into see the Komodo dragons, then move off shore and island hop before sailing back down to visit Bali.


Indonesia (Sumatra)

Sangkapura, Karimunjawa, Pulau Rakit, Pulau Dolphin, Sangiang, Sawangblak, Pulau Enggano, Bahatmonga, Tanahbala Island, Gunungsitoli City, Pulau Bangkaru, Sinabang, Sabang City.

Still sailing west, we go past Jakarata, then turn west and leave the Java Sea before turning more north to make our way up the west coast of Sumatra, following the chain of islands just offshore until we reach Sabang City, where we clear out of Indonesia.



Ao Chalong, Khao Phing Kan, Ko Hong, Raily Beach, Ko Phi Phi Don.

Clearing into Thailand at Ao Chalong, we then sail around the large bay, ending the year in Thailand.


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