Year Nine

Year 9

Year Nine Itinerary

Below is a list of the major places we will visit during year nine of our voyage.

Caribbean (south)

Dominica, Guadeloupe, Antigua & Barbuda, Anguilla

We sail up the Caribbean Islands, stopping at various ports along the route until we reach Simpson Bay for some refit options.


British Virgin Islands

South Islands

We arrive to clear in at Spanish wells. Having been through here three years ago, we take a more direct route, west, through the southern islands stopping at the good diving locations and then clear out at Soper's Hole. 


US Virgin Islands

Coral Bay, Creat Cruz Bay, Redhook Bay, Buck Island, St. Thomas.

We spend some time visiting loctions in the US Vigin Islands, clearing in at Coral Bay and out at St. Thomas before heading north toward Turks & Caicos.


Turks & Caicos

Grand Turk, Cockburn Harbour, Providenciales

We clear in at Grand Turk as we visit Turks & Caicos again, crossing the Caicos Banks to clear out at Providenciales.


Bahamas & Bimini

Bahamas: Mayaguana Port, Samana Cay, Rum Cay, Hawk's Nest, South Eluthera, Rose Island, Bullock Harbour,
Bimini: Port Royal

We sail our way northwest up the Bahamas chain to Nassau and then Bullock Harbour before crossing to Bimini where we wait for a weather window to take the Gulf stream north to the USA.


USA (Southern East Coast)

Port Canaveral, Smyrna Beach, Savannah, Charlston, Beaufort, Ocracoke, Sand Creek Beach.

Going around the horn of Africa is a rough ride.  So, we plan to hop from port to port, waiting for short and better weather windows.  While waiting in ports, we will tour inland.   On finally reaching Cape Town, we will have completed the difficult sail.


USA (Chesapeake Bay)

Virginia Beach, Washington DC, Annapolis, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Atlantic City.

We hit some major US cities, including a week in Washington DC, then on through the Chesapeake Bay, then cut out through Back Creek and then take the Delaware Bay back to the ocean.


Hudson River

New York City, WestPoint, Hop-O-Nose, Waterford.

We sail past the Statue of Liberty and up to 79th Street for a stay in New York City, then head up the Hudson river to visit WestPoint.  From there, we stop in Hop-O-Nose Marina to take down the mast.  We motor on up the Hudson further to Waterford where we will enter the Eerie Canal.


Erie Canal

Waterford to Buffalo

With our mast down, we can just make it under the bridges along the Erie Canal on our way to Buffalo, New York, and visit Niagara Falls.  We put the mast back up.  Now we enter the Great Lakes starting with Lake Erie.


Lake Erie

Cleveland, Sandusky, Toledo, Detroit, Sarnia

We sail along the south shore of Lake Erie, stopping at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, then on to Sandusky and the surrounding islands before stopping in Toledo to tour inland in Ohio.  From there, we sail up to Detroit, then over to Sarnia, the gateway to Lake Huron.


Lake Huron and Lake Michigan

Lake Huron to Manitoulin Island, to Lake Michigan

We sail our way around the Great Lakes, going above Manitoulin Island and then through the Straits of Mackinac into Lake Michigan.  We sail south, making stops, and reaching Green Bay, Milwaukee, Benton Harbor, then Chicago.  We take the mast down here as we leave the Great Lakes to enter the rivers, going south.


Illinois River

Peoria, St. Louis

We motor out way down the Illinois River, stopping each night.  Points of interest are Peoria and St. Louis.


Mississippi River

South stops.

We are now on the Mississippi River for a short stretch as we had for the Ohio River.


Ohio River to the Tennessee River, Cumberland River, Kentucky Lake, Yellow Creek.

Nashville and Knoxville

We leave the Mississippi River for a short up current, slog on the Ohio River, but only for around 45 miles, then we turn left, now headed south on the Tennessee River.  We cut over to Lake Barkley, and then continue south to the Cumberland River which we take down to Nashville.  We retrace our route back to Lake Barkley, then had south on the Kentucky Lake and then back onto the Tennessee River all the way to Knoxville.  We retrace our route and turn south on Yellow Creek and head for the Gulf of Mexico.


Tombigbee River, Mobile River, Gulf

Fernando de Noronha, Fortaleza, Sao Luis.

We transition onto the Tombigbee River, and keep motoring south to the Mobile River.  We take that all the way to Mobile where we finally put the mast back up and then head out into the Gulf of Mexico, briefly, before arriving at New Orleans for a long stay.


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