Yes, we do consulting on the build of a Solitaire Catamaran,     and we do it at a low, low price!  

If you are thinking of building a Schionning Designs Solitaire Catamaran, and want to make some modifications, we do consulting work.

All you have to do is join our Patreon Crew at the World Class Crew level and stay at that level for at least three months.  You would pay $50 a month.  During that time, we will consult with you via our S/V Lynx Chat server, get on a few video calls with you, and even model up some of the changes you want to make to the layout of say, the salon furniture.

There are currently two Solitaire models on the Schionning website, but there are two new models coming soon, a smaller version (around 44') and a larger version, (about 57').  We can get you information on either of these designs (though we don't have a 3D model for them).

If you need more information, contact us (below).

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