Building and sailing a performance 50' catamaran twice around the world!

We have recently purchased a semi-custom catamaran kit and started building S/V Lynx in April, 2023.  Two years from then, we will set sail to circumnavigate the planet by sea, twice! 

The Plan  to build a Catamaran                We have embarked on an epic adventure!  It started with a dream to sail around the world.  We looked for and found a kit catamaran that closely fit our budget and needs.  We then customized the design by creating a 3D concept model of our perfect boat.  We met and showed it to Schionning Designs and they agreed to collaborate with us to create a new model in their Solitaire line, the 1520!

The Goal                                                      We have started construction of our dream boat.  Once we finish S/V Lynx we plan to sail her around the world, twice!  We want to experience different cultures, visit historical sites, and have fun doing sports and activities in new and exciting places.  In short, we want the adventure and experience of a lifetime!  We plan to video document the entire adventure, and those videos have already begun (see videos).

Why a sail around the world?                      We chose to take this adventure on a catamaran because we get to take our home with us as we travel the world rather than move from hotel to hotel.  Seeing the world by sailboat is also a slow and leisurely way to travel, allowing us to stay as long as we like, and sail on when we feel the need.  We also get to visit some hard to reach places in the world.  So, come along with us on this journey!

Solitaire 1520

We made our choice on a catamaran!

We promised to start looking for S/V lynx in 2022... and we did!  In fact, we found our boat!  For several years we kicked around which used boat to purchase and now we have decided not to purchase a used boat at all!  Instead, we are building S/V Lynx ourselves.  To learn more about the kit catamaran we are building, go to this page:

How long will it take us to build this 50' cat?

We anticipate that she will splash around April 10th, 2025, which is two years from the day we started building S/V Lynx.  Here is a count down timer to that date.  However, we want you to follow along with us during the entire process as we build and then sail the boat around the world.  Therefore, we have already started video documenting the entire construction and will continue those episodes when we start the sea trials and voyages on our new performance/cruising catamaran! 

Just follow this link to the S/V Lynx Youtube page and subscribe and hit the bell icon so that you may catch up on the videos we already released and be notified as new ones come out.  As for when we will complete the build and splash S/V Lynx, we will try our best to get her in the water by the time this countdown timer runs out!

More about us and our coming voyage

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