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What is Patreon?

Patreon is a service that allows our supporters to make small monthly donations to the construction and future voyages of S/V Lynx.  Your donations will be used to build the boat and, later on, to keep her sailing.  In addition, they insure that we keep making regular videos that cover all the adventures of building a boat and the crew sailing S/V Lynx.

Just click this link to "Become one of the Crew on Patreon" or use the button below to sign up for one of the donation Tiers. 

What do you get for becoming a Patron?

Lots of stuff! (See below)

Crew Access

You will receive the password to access our Crew Only pages of the website.  These pages go into far more detail on certain aspects of the boat.  For example, you get a complete cost breakdown on how much we think it will cost to build the boat.  

Patreon Perks

The various crew levels of donation each come with a list of perks you receive when you sign up for that Tier.  Check out the list of perks on our Patreon page.  Just remember, your donation always goes to building the boat or the upcoming voyage.

Our appreciation!

You also get our heartfelt thanks because we cannot build this boat and sail this incredible adventure without all of you!  We really appreciate your help!  We literally cannot do this without your assistance and we will be forever grateful.

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Patron Crew Preview

Once you become a Patron Crew Member, amoung other things, you get access to the Crew Only portion of this website.  If you want a preview of what is in that section, use the link (right).

Three other ways to help 

We understand that in these hard times not everyone has money to spare to donate toward our building of this boat or the epic voyage to come.  That's OK!  We still appreciate you just being here!  Yet, there are three other ways to help!

Purchase my novels!

When I'm not building the boat, I am writing novels.  I've written 23 so far, all in the Science Fiction and Fantasy genres.  Go to my author website for more information on how to get my novels (some are even free).  When you buy one, the money you spend will go to building S/V Lynx or the voyage... and you get a novel to read.  There are even some audio play versions.

Subscribe / Like / Share

If you just drop by our Youtube S/V Lynx sailing channel and hit the 'Like', 'Subscribe', and 'Reminder Bell' buttons, or, better yet, 'Share' one of our Youtube video, it will help us immensely and cost you nothing!  To go there, use this button.

Or... help us build S/V Lynx

Even if you do not have any spare change, maybe you have time? Anyone who comes out to sunny Southern California and helps us with the construction of S/V Lynx will be given equal time on the boat during the voyage.

For example, if you donate two weeks of your time helping us with construction, we give you two free weeks on board, anywhere in the world that we visit (though specific destination choices are first come, first serve)! Anyone who is interested in taking advantage of this limited time offer should send us a message using the button below or go to our contact page and write us an email. (For details about obtaining a free cabin go to the Join Page.

Building S/V Lynx

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Please consider subscribing to our Youtube channel, it really helps us out! To subscribe, click the Youtube link (left). Or, we would love it if you became part of our Patron Crew, with all the perks! Link is also (left).

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