Golden Ticket

S/V Lynx Crew

There is one surefire way to join our epic voyage as crew on S/V Lynx.  Just help us construct our Solitaire 1520.

It is very simple, for each week that you help us build the boat, you get a Golden Ticket to use one cabin for a week (for up to three people!).  People we accept as working crew may help us build for 1, or up to 12 weeks.  If you work 12 weeks, you would earn three full months on S/V Lynx!

Construction of S/V Lynx began on April 10th, 2023 and the work will continue until finished in 2025 (we hope).  Our cat is being built in sunny Southern California.

Here are the details time as crew if you earn a Golden Ticket

  • A Golden Ticket- When you earn a Golden Ticket, you earn one cabin for a week, which means you may bring yourself and up to two guests!  If you bring a third guest, they must use the bunk above the forward queen size birth.  We will let you choose the week and location to join us, meaning, you may only choose a cabin when one is available, (this is first come, first serve).  However, we are going so many places that everyone should have a lot of selection options!
  • How to earn a Golden Ticket on S/V Lynx - If you help us build the boat, you earn Golden Tickets, each ticket is good for a week on board.  You earn one Golden Ticket for each week you work, and will let you earn up to 12 weeks, maybe more (that's something we can discuss).
  • What is included if you have a Golden Ticket to become crew - You have the use of one of our forward cabins for a each week you win or earn.  Each cabin can be for one to three people (one cabin has a queen bed with a single bunk above),  Your cabin will have its own en-suite head (with toilet and sink) and access to a shared shower.  All activities on board are included.
  • What is not included - You must get yourself and, up to, two guests to where the boat is located (meaning, you must pay for any flights or other transportation, including transfers, etc. that you use to reach the boat.  If you have a Golden Ticket, you may select a date and destination from available options that we will present.  Finally, all activities that take place off the boat are at your own expense, things like dining out, shore tours, etc.)  It is also bring your own food and drink, or, if you choose, contribute to the purchase of these items when we provision.
  • A disclaimer about your choice of date and destinations - We cannot guarantee the boat will arrive on time where and when you expect it to be.  Delays may happen due to politics, poor weather, or unforeseen repairs.  Even if all goes well on the pickup, while on board, we cannot guarantee the projected itinerary as it may also be affected by similar factors.  We can assure you that we will do our best to stick to the plan but some things are just out of our control.   If the boat doesn't make it to where you are waiting, there are no refunds; after all, this is a free cabin!  If we know the boat is being delayed before you depart from your home base, we will contact you, immediately, and warn you of the change.  However, we suggest you take out travel insurance on your flights, or other travel methods, and have enough funds to book a room at your arrival point in case the boat is delayed.  We cannot and will not reimburse you for these costs.  If you cannot afford to take the risk then do not try to claim the free cabin.  
  • What is required of you to claim your free cabin: We have a few minor requirements for people to join our crew.  You cannot be a convicted felon.  You must have all currently available vaccinations for the Covid-19 virus. You must have DAN Membership, which is not expensive and covers you for air lift medical rescues (DAN Membership is currently running $40 for a year).  Absolutely no illegal (recreational) drugs are to be brought on board, ever!  Social drinking is allowed... but not drunkenness.  As mentioned, this is BYOB since we do not supply alcoholic beverages to crew.  You may purchase beverages and food to bring on board ashore if we make a provisioning stop.  You should bring any personal gear for sports, but only what fits with your other belongings in a single large duffle bag.  These things could include things like a mask for diving/snorkeling, snorkel, fins.  However, you should definitely bring along your own bathing suits, towels, washcloths, toiletries, medications (legal) that you require, as well as sunscreen, your choice for seasickness prevention, cash or credit cards for shore excursions, a pair of shoes for shore, boat shoes (if you don't want to go barefoot).  Of course, the proper clothing for the weather at the location you will be joining the crew,  Don't worry, we will send you a full list of what you should be bringing once you earn a cabin.  Finally, before even departing for your time as crew, you will be required to sign a release absolving the Captain and Crew of all liability while you are on board as crew of S/V Lynx.   We hope to see you onboard some day!

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