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Danny Diving

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Kite Boarding
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Videography (Surface)
Videography (Underwater)
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Photography (Underwater)
Droneography (Air)
Macro Photography (Underwater)

Sport Activities:
For the sports enthusiasts, S/V Lynx will offer quite a few sporting activities, though some will depend on where the boat is in the world while you are on board.

The only sport that requires prior training is scuba diving; should you wish to dive, you need to become a certified diver. We suggest a P.A.D.I. online Open Water course, followed by some pool and a couple of days diving. That way you can enjoy the sport diving we will be doing at various locations.  We will even have a compressor and diving gear on board.

However, should you desire to participate in any of the other sports or exorcise activities (see above list), the rest can be taught to you while you are on board.

Not everywhere we go will be about sports... the world is filled with wondrous things to see, from natural wonders to museums and theater.

In addition, there are local specialties, things that are made at a particular place as well as festivals, parades, carnivals, etc.

There are endless places to explore or wonderful restaurants where we can sample the local foods, or shopping for whatever we want or need.

With us visiting over 120 different countries, regions and territories, everywhere we go there will be new things to see, do, and try. And, when we desire, we'll take tours to get an even more in depth experience.

We plan to visually document everything on the trip for a weekly VLog, so we must shoot...
By Land: We will video chronicle all the things we do, see, explore, and experience at each port or inland adventure.
By Sea: While sailing, we will video everything on the voyage, how we sail, fish, inspect and maintain the boat, cook, stand watches, etc.
By Air: Some things are better seen from above, so we will have several drones on board for areal videography or stills.
Underwater: We will also be producing underwater videos.  Our crew includes an award winning underwater photographer and the man who, literally, wrote an underwater video specialty course for P.A.D.I.
Still Photography: For our Blog, (and enjoyment) we will also do air, land, and underwater still photography.

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