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News from 2024

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Video Release: Major Bulkhead Prep!

We got back to the boat yard for some work on the major bulkheads while the sun was shining. We finished up working on the two biggest bulkheads, the final ones before we can put them all into the hulls. 

Major Bulkhead Prep!

Video Release: Daggerboards (P2) and Comments

We continue work on our daggerboards as the next big Atmospheric River hits our neck of the woods. But, when the skies clear, we head to the lot to answer a bunch of viewer comments and questions. 

Daggerboards (P2) and Comments

Video Release: Making our Daggerboards: Part 1

It's raining all week, so we moved to our garage to build the two daggerboards for S/V Lynx. Captain Blood, Admiral Marianne, and our XO, Brian, will need these for our performance/cruising catamaran as we sail this boat around the world, that is, as soon as we finish building this Schionning Designs DIY kit sailboat!

Making our Daggerboards: Part 1

Video Release: Applying Coppercoat Antifoul

We got a nice few days of sunshine, so we got our Coppercoat Antifoul on the first hull! So, come join us as we roll out the antifoul on S/V Lynx, our 50' performance/cruising, DIY, catamaran from Schionning Designs. 

Applying Coppercoat Antifoul

Video Release: Cradles and Rain Catchment Design
With us wanting to get to flipping the two canoes, we had to do some more work on the cradles that will hold them. Unfortunately, a big storm got in the way of our Coppercoat plans, so we spent some time designing a new rain catchment system for S/V Lynx. 

Cradles and Rain Catchment Design

Video Release: Barrier Coats Complete & the Solitaire Line

This week, we finish the barrier coat by applying Total Boat to the port canoe. We also spend some time going over the entire Solitaire Catamaran line, from Schionning Designs.

E69: Barrier Coat Complete

Video Release: Back to Boat Building

We finally finished up the fairing and sanding of the second hull this week, we're sure glad that is finally done. We also finalized some details on our Goiot order of boat parts coming from France and go over that in this video. 

Hulls Finished and Goiot Order

Video Release: Back to Boat Building

It's 2024! And time to get back to Boat Building, so come join Captain Blood, Admiral Marianne, and our XO, Brian, as we continue marching forward, through thick and thin, as we build our 50' Performance/Cruising DIY Schionning Designs, Solitaire 1520 Catamaran. 

Back to Boat Building

Patron Exclusive Video 6: Mattress Dilemma

The next Patron Exclusive video, #6, is up for our Special Crew and above level Patrons.  In this one, we go over all the options for mattresses on S/V Lynx, and ask for our Patrons help in solving the dilemma of which one to use on our circumnavigation of planet Earth.

Patron Video 6: Mattress Dilemma

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