Prototype Battery Parts list

Here is the parts list to build one prototype battery for Thermoworks.

Parts List

End CapHDPE 12"x18"x0.5"1$9.997

Transformer24vdc to 12vdc, 10 amp1$14.990.2

12V 10A 120W1$4.660.22

Fan Splitter cablesSleeved PWM  1 to 2 Converter1$3.00.003

Fan Cable Extension 4-Pin PWM Fan Splitter Cable2$2.400.003

Fans120mm 12vdc cooling fans2$12.902

Resisters50 Watt 500 Ohm 5% Resistor1$ LM YN 50 Watt 500 Ohm 5% Wirewound Resistor Electronic Aluminium Shell Resistors Gold Suitable for Inverter, LED Lights, Frequency Divider, Servo Industry and Other Industrial Control 2 Pcs : Electronics

Push ButtonsMomentary Push Button Switch2$2.000.036

9v Battery Holder 9V Battery Holder Box with 2X Lead1$ HiLetgo 5pcs 9V Battery Holder Battery Box Battery Case with 5.5*2.1MM DC Plug for Arduino Raspberry Pi : Industrial & Scientific

200a Circuit BreakerSeries 187200F-03-11$46.000.4

Heat Sink8"x4"1$23.042.97
Springs for rodsLHL 750C 048$4.841.6

Pos / Neg Terminals 5/16” M8 8mm Stud1$9.670.44

Batt. Cut-off Switch12-48V 300 A  Disconnect 1$13.99.57

Over Pressure Valve9-100-3011 Pressure Relief Valve1$12.99.05

CoulometerHELYZQ 80V 350A TK151$46.95.926

Toggle SwitchesOn/Off SPST 3 Pin 2 Position2$2.66.04

O-Ring58mm OD 55mm ID 1.5mm Width1$ uxcell Nitrile Rubber O-Rings 58mm OD 55mm ID 1.5mm Width, Metric Nitrile Rubber Sealing Gasket, Pack of 10 : Industrial & Scientific

Battery Studs5/16" Single Stud Battery 


Battery Dividers1/8" x 3/4"x24"50$0.54$27.17

Aluminum Plates.25"Wx 18"L x 13H"1$38.206Ebay
Spray PaintEpoxy Can, White1$5.0001Ace Hardware
Threaded RodsAluminum, #10-32 10"8$1.781.6

NutsAluminum, #10-328$3.940.08Ebay
WashersAluminum, #1016$2.24.008Ebay
Spring Holders Single3D printed, 4$25.040.25Markforged, Mark2 printer.
Spring Holders
3D printed2$13.400.125Markforged, Mark2 printer.
L Brackets3D printed8$4.01Markforged, Mark2 printer.
Separator caps3D printed20$401.6Markforged, Mark2 printer.
Battery Cells, Grade A, newCALB 230ah Prismatic 3.6v8$820.6279.36Docan Technology (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.  Contact: Contact Name:
Libby Docan Power Battery, email [email protected] (tell her Philip Blood sent you)
JK BMS250a1$138.331.25JK BMS Alibaba
Casei-series 2011-101$194.9912.5
Heater PadElbow  Pad 3" x 13" 12V1$
Bus BarsFlexible Tin Coated Copper7$27.09.75Alibaba
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Totals for one battery

N/AN/A Price Weight N/A
All                                    $1,607.58118.16                                                        

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