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This is the calculator we made to find the right springs for battery compression, use this at your own battery cell risk, we can't guarantee our math is right, but it worked for us!

This is the list of item weights of things we plan to have on our cat.   We sent this list to Schionning so that they could help us balance out S/V Lynx.

This is our projected route data, use it to go with the images of the routes to see how long we are staying, length of passages, etc.

This is an STL file of the model we used to 3D print our Respirator mount, as shown in Kit E22 Video

Here is an Excel File of the parts list for the Respirators, with links and prices at the time of purchase.

This is a copy of our electrical diagram.  This is a work in progress, so it will change over time as we construct this system on the boat.

3D Router Jig Models
Part 1
Part 2

These are two .STL files for printing out the two part 3D Router Jig we created for coring foam panels during the build process.  (These are just for your enjoyment, if you choose to print or use them, that is at your own risk).

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