Gear: Safety Equipment

Safety is critical on a blue water sailing vessel where we will be up to 2 week off shore from any help.  Here are some of the safety items we plan to use on S/V Lynx.

Fire Safety Equipment

Fire Extinguishers

With a boat our size (50') the USCG requires at least 3 Class B1 fire extinguishers on board.   Even without this requirement, we still want at least that many for our safety.  As you can see from the picture, (right) fire is no joke on a boat.  One of them will be kept in the salon and one down in each hull, in the stern cabins, where the engine and motor are located.

As for our large LifePO4 battery bank, unlike Lithium NMC, data shows that we may use water or Class A,B, or C fire extinguishers due to the low amount of lithium in the batteries.  Fortunately, we have the safest lithium batteries on the market, but we will still have fire extinguishers.

Boat on Fire

Fire Extinguisher (Halotron 1)

* Dimensions 16 3/16" x 8 3/4" x 7 1/4"
* Disposable / Rechargeable Rechargeable
* Extinguishing Agent Halotron I
* Type Portable Extinguishers
* Fire Rating A-1;B:C-10
* USCG Approved B-I
* Warranty Details Six Years
* Weight 11 Pounds
* Price: $460 (ea.)

Portable, handheld extinguishers are ideal for fires in the marine environment. Clean, EPA-approved Halotron I is a liquefied gas that dissipates after use. USCG-approved. (Model 1219443) 11 pound extinguishers are effective against A (trash, wood, paper) fires, as well as Classes B and C, including use on electrical and LifePO4 fires.

Fire Ext

Personal Floatation Devices

Whenever we are offshore, alone at night, or in any kind of adverse weather situation, anyone going out of the interior of the boat, meaning out of the salon or cockpit, must be wearing a PFD.  This is a hard rule on S/V Lynx.  Below are two options for the PDFs we will purchase.  They need to be comfortable enough to wear on a long watch and have the capability of clipping into Jack Lines.

PFD Model Price Rearm Kit Price Jack Line Mount
Spinlock Deckvest lite+ (with Auto Inflation and Harness)SPI DWLTHA$210$41Yes
CrewsaverCrewfit 40 Pro$210$39Yes


* 170N Buoyancy
* CO2 Cylinder - 33g
* Weight - 860g
* Ultra lightweight and low profile, comfortable design
* Automatic inflating lifejacket
* Easy side donning
* Single crotch strap with recessed clip
* Integrated deck safety harness with soft loop safety line attachment point.
* Toggle attachment point for Chest Pack
* Easily converts to ‘manual only’ firing head with a Manual Conversion Kit

(Price was on Defender Marine on 5/4/24)

Spinlock Deskvest Lite+ PFD

Crewfit 40 Pro USCG Automatic Harness

* Provides a minimum of 40lbs of buoyancy when inflated
* Soft loop D-rings for attaching the safety tether
* Twin, forward pull side waist adjusters
* Robust outer cover and quick burst zip
* Form-fitting neckline allows for greater range of head movement
* Fusion 3D shaping and flexible fabric for a comfortable fit
* Indicator window shows status of firing mechanism
* YKK quick burst zip (QBZ) closure
* Webbing tidys
* Manual inflation tube
* Can be fitted with a personal AIS device
* Unique chin support tilts your head back to help keep your airways clear
* Light or light attachment point included in all lifejackets
* Supplied with an approved whistle
* Retro-reflective tape to improve visibility for rescue
* Bladder turns you onto your back, keeping your head out of the water
* Halkey Roberts PRO1F (automatic)

CrewFit PFD
So which one to purchase? The Spinlock and Crewsaver PFDs are virtually the same price, so comfort will be one of the deciding factors.  We will want to try them both on before we make a decision.  We will also do some further research into reviews.

Man Over Board devices

Lifesling overboard rescue System

In the case of a MOB, we will have an overboard rescue system ready to deploy. This is mounted at one of the railings for quick and easy access in an emergency.

The Lifesling2 system consists of a flotation collar which is a blend of the traditional horseshoe buoy and a helicopter rescue sling. It’s connected to 125' of multi-filament polypropylene retrieving line which allows the flotation to be towed or thrown to the overboard crew member. The collar and line are stored for protection against the elements in a rigid and attractive vinyl storage bag. Graphics on the bag clearly illustrate the instructions for recovering a person in the water.


Medical Kit

S/V Lynx will have a full kit of medical aids, even more than what these shown kits provide.  One of our occasional crew trains nurses at a hospital and will be helping us building our medical kit and training us on the use.  We will be stocking the boat for as many medical emergencies as possible.

Lightning X Premium Medical Trauma Bag w D Kit

THE BAG – The MB50 is a super sized medical bag that is ideal for EMS agencies or rescue squads. The main compartment is designed to hold a “D” sized oxygen cylinder with storage for all necessary oxygen delivery devices. The front, rear and top compartments stretch the full length of the bag and are great for cervical collars, splints or even intubation equipment. The two end compartments together will hold a full set of bag-valve masks with reservoir. With all the included loops, pouches, pockets and compartments the MB50 is the bag of choice for any trauma situation. Dimensions: 28″x13″x 12″

THE KIT – This kit includes the following supplies: Deluxe Kit, Tweezers, Kelly Hemostats, Trauma Sheers, Bandage Sheers, Penlight, Am Ampules, Band-Aids (100), 4″ x 4″ Gauze Pads (50), 2″ Roll Gauze (2), 3″ Roll Gauze (2), 4″ Roll Gauze (2), 2″ Self-Adherent Bandage (2), 2″ Elastic Ace Bandage (2), 5″ x 7″ ABD Pad (2), 8″ x 10″ ABD Pad (2), 1″ Roll Cloth Tape, 2″ Roll Cloth Tape, Iodine Wipes (10), Isopropyl Alcohol Wipes (10), Triple Antibiotic Ointment 1/2 oz, Instant Cold Packs (2), Eye Pads (2), Triangle Bandage (2) , Eye Wash, Exam Gloves (4), Universal SAM Finger Splint, Glutose, Sting Pads (10), Adult BP Cuff, Sprague Steth, Barrier Mask, OPA Kit, (6) 10″ x 30″ Trauma Dressing, NC Tubing (2), NRB Mask (2), BVM Bag, 4-1/4″ x 36″ Roll Splint, 4″ x 4″ Occl Seal, Adjustable C-Collar, 2oz Burn Spray, 2oz First Aid Spray, Emergency Blanket, Quick Stop Hemostatic Blood Stop Spray, Buckle Tournqt, Iodine Wipes (10), 4″ x 4″ Burn Dressing (2), Medline Ox Reg 0-15 lpm, Worth/Lux Alum “D” Ox Cyl (empty) – all arranged nicely and packaged together in a box for you to customize to your liking. Limited lifetime warranty from Lightning X Products.

Price: $320

Medical Kit

Life Raft

Do we need a life raft?

On a catamaran, there is some discussion out there if you even really need a life raft.  Since a cat doesn't sink, you can just stay with the boat, even if it flips over.  However, there is one circumstance that makes us lean toward including a life raft, fire.  In case there is a fire that we are unable to put out with our Fire Extinguishers (see above), and gets out of control, threatening to destroy the whole boat, we will need to deploy a life raft.  Also, if the boat flips over, though we would stay with the boat, the life raft will act as a refuge next to the boat.  Since we will have a larger crew at times, up to eight on a passage, we need an 8 person raft.

Datrex Recreational Offshore Life Raft (8 person)

Utilizing a new composite material to build strong and durable compact liferafts specifically designed for offshore use. The Pro-Light liferafts comply with ISO9650-1 standard (Type1, Group A), fully accepted by ISAF. All Sea-Safe rafts come with a 12 year warranty when serviced at least every 3 years by an authorized Sea-Safe service facility.

Super Compact
* Approved according to ISAF ISO9650-1 (Type I, Group A)
* Easy access boarding ramp, ladder, and handholds
* High visibility- LED Exterior -and Interior Light
* Equipped with 4 integral water ballast bags
* 3-zone fully separated inflation chambers
Rainwater collection
* SOLAS reflective strips across entire structure
* Supplied with an emergency pack that meets minus 24hr specs:

Life Raft

Datrex Valise
Next comes the decision on what type, a Valise (soft side) or fiberglass container. Most sailors lean toward hard side containers up on deck, mostly at the stern of the boat.  The thinking is that you want it accessible and ready to deploy in 30 seconds.  This is fine for mono hull sailors, where their boat can be holed and sink in short order; however, this is not as true on a catamaran since it is extremely unlikely that you will need to deploy the raft that quickly since the boat doesn't sink. 
As we mentioned, the main reason we would deploy a life raft is fire.  Therefore, since most fires start in an engine room, and secondly, in the salon kitchen, we plan to house the life raft toward the bow, likely in one of the three forward lockers.  It will be on a shelf, so that it is at the top to allow easy access to the life raft.  Therefore, we will be going with a Valise, soft sided bag to more easily pull out of the locker and deploy.


Jack Lines

When on a major passage, we will configure four Jack Lines to allow us to attach to our harnesses.   Jack lines prevent MOB situations from various ways of getting knocked overboard. This can happen due to tripping, wave hits, trampoline failure, or anything that knocks you into the water.  Your jacklines allows you to move with relative freedom around the boat without detaching a tether.  See diagram below to see the layout.

Polyester Webbing Jacklines

* 6000lb. minimum breaking strength
* Stretches 15-22% at 80% break strength
* UV resistant
* Color-fast dye won't run
* Includes ventilated storage bag



At various times in an emergency, we need to signal someone.  This could be a passing boat, a more distant boat, a shore location, or a man overboard talking to those at the helm.  Here are some devices we plan to have on S/V Lynx for those situations.

Epirb from Oceansignal

An Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon or EPIRB is used to alert search and rescue services in the event of an emergency. It does this by transmitting a coded message on the 406 MHz distress frequency via satellite and earth stations to the nearest rescue co-ordination center.

This EPIRB1 is water or manually activated.

* 30% smaller
* 10 year battery life
* 48+ hours operational life
* 5 year warranty
* Fast accurate positioning with 66 channel GPS
* Retractable antenna
* Quick release bracket
* Secure lanyard


MOB1 from Oceansignal

Once activated your MOB1 will transmit an alert to all AIS receivers and AIS enabled plotters in the vicinity. The integrated GPS ensures precise location is sent to your vessel and any others that may be assisting. An additional feature of the MOB1, is its ability to activate the DSC alarm on your vessels VHF, alerting your crew to the situation.

No one is allowed on deck (out of the cockpit) when Jack Lines are required without one of these attached to their life preserver. Therefore, not more than four crew are allowed on deck, at one time, in those situations. Anyone assigned to watch duty is always required to have one of these on their life preserver.

 * AIS (Automatic Identification System)
* Integrated DSC transmitter (digital selective calling)*
* 30% (typ) smaller than competitors
* Automatic activation
* Simple lifejacket integration
* 7 year battery life
* 24+ hours operational life
* 5 year warranty†
* Fast accurate positioning


Orion Bluewater Alert Flare Kit

If we need to show someone where we are at, flares can help.  In this kit, everything is contained in a soft, buoyant bag. USCG approved for day and night signals.  Handhold flares have a light output of 700 candles and burn for three minutes.  Smoke flare produces orange smoke that is visible for up to five miles, and emit smoke for one minute.  12-gauge aerial flares rise to a height of up to 500' and burn at 16,000 candles for up to seven seconds.

Kit includes a supply of hand held and aerial flares for day or night signaling. Our kit contains

* Five hand held red signal flares
* One hand held orange smoke flare
* Six 12-gauge high-performance red aerial signals
* 12-gauge pistol-style launcher with bandoleer.


Uniden Atlantis 150 hand held floating Waterproof Two-Way VHF Radio

 The Uniden Atlantis 150 continues Uniden's tradition of providing tough and reliable hand held radios.  It features all NOAA weather channels, as well as all USA, International and Canadian marine channels.  It also meets Submersible waterproof standards.  The Atlantis's brilliant backlit LCD display makes it easy to use, day or night for the power to go anywhere.

VHF Radio

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