2021 S/V Lynx Videos
Scuba Diving

These are just some diving videos we shot in the past and are using for testing while we get to the boat videos ready.  However you are welcome to watch these now!

Shaws Cove

Diving Shaw's Cove

Narrated by Captain Blood

Shaw's Cove is a dive site located in Laguna Beach, California, in the USA. This is a beach dive done one afternoon, with Brian as my buddy.

Seal Rock

Dead Man's Reef

Narrated by Captain Blood

Dead Man's Reef is a dive site in Laguna Beach, Ca.  You start out from Crescent Bay, and swim way out past Seal Rock, then drop down to 65' or so.  Brian and I take a dive here and see a lot of California sea life.


Montage Night Dive

Narrated by Captain Blood and Brian Tasse

Brian and I do a night dive at Montage, where we have some crazy encounters with lobsters and some other night creatures of the sea.

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