Year Thirteen

Year 13

Year Thirteen Itinerary

Below is a list of the major places we will visit during year thirteen of our voyage.

Australia (central east)

Brisbane, Caloundra, Inskip, River Heads

Once cyclone season is over, we leave here around April 1st and head north up the Australian east coast, headed for the Great Barrier Reef.


Australia (Great Barrier Reef)

Heron Island, Paul Reef, Penrith Island, Salde Point, Ball Bay, Whitsunday Islands, Wallaby Reefs, Big Broadhurst Reef, Townsville, Trunk Reef.

We stop at Heron Island and then head into the Great Barrier Reef.  We make stops in the mainland, at places like Ball Bay, and then Townsville.


Australia (Northeast)

Cairns, Port Douglas, Cook Town, Thursday Island .

We stop in places like Cairns as we work out way up the northeastern coast of Australia to Thursday Island where we turn west to head for Darwin.


Darwin and the Kimberley Islands

Darwin, King George River, Prince Regent River, Crocodile Creek, Horizontal Waterfalls.

We spend some time in the crazy Kimberly Islands, dealing with tide changes of over 30' every six hours.  We will see things like the Horizontal Waterfalls, as well as have our boat end up in a tiny pond, miles from the ocean.  On completing our adventures in the Kimberley Islands, we head for Broome to clear out of Australia, and wait for a weather window to head into the Indian Ocean.


Australian Territories.

Christmas Island and Cocos (Keeling) Islands

We sail south of Indonesia, in the Indian Ocean, stopping at the Australian territory islands for a few days each.  Then, when another weather window is good, we sail west toward Chagos Bank.


British Indian Ocean Territory

Chagos Bank: Solomon Island and Peros Banhos

We have to get special permission, months ahead, to stop at the British Indian Ocean Territory.  Once there, we will stay for a few days to enjoy the atolls before sailing on west toward the Seychelles. 


The Seychelles

Port Victoria, Grand Anse, Baie Cevalier, Anse Volbert, Le Passe

We will start out visit of the Seychelles by clearing in at Port Victoria, before starting a trip around the islands, finishing back in Port Victoria where we clear out, to head for Africa.




We will say at the Tanga Yacht Club while we do some safari trips and other site seeing.  Then, we head east for Madagascar.


Mayotte and Madagascar

Mayotte: Dzaoudzi
Madagascar: Hell-ville, Nosy Komba, Moramba Bay, Mahahanga

We stop in Mayotte on our way to Madagascar.  Once we reach Hell-Ville in Madagascar, we turn south and sail down, clearing out at Mahahanga.


Mozambique Channel

Juan de Nova Island, Bassas de India, Europa Island

Sailing down the Mozambique Channel we make stops at three French owned little islands before returning to the mainland of South Africa at Richard's Bay.


South Africa

Richard's Bay, Durban, East London, Port Elizabeth, St. Francis Bay, Knysna, Mossel Bay, Simons Bay, Cape Town.

Now it is time to sail around the horn of Africa at the Cape of Good Hope.  This is a dangerous area, so we will hop skip and jump along with the shortest legs possible so that we can find good weather windows to get us to Cape Town where we will spend about a month and end the year.


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