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Below is a list of the most recent changes and additions to this website.
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In the Crew Only section, we added the parts list for the Respirators and the 3D model to print that part.



We are changing from an electric outboard to a gas model, so we changed information on the Gear: Tender page.

Outboard change


In the Crew Only section, we updated the cost analysis to build S/V Lynx, changing the refrigerator to a different model and a few other small tweaks.

Patron Crew Menu


New Refrigerator/Freezer for the galley.  (1/2  the price of the previous model we were considering).

Refrigerator Freezer


New sponsors!  Engitype, Sicomin, and Total Boat have all agreed to sponsor our build of S/V Lynx.   Check them out here...

New Sponsors


New video about Philip Blood's writing in the Crew story page.

Phil Blood Video


The Patron Crew Only Cost Breakdown to build S/V Lynx updated.

Crew Only Entry


The Patron Crew Only Route data for circumnavigation. 

Route Data


New Circumnavigation Route maps added to Parton Only Crew pages.

Route maps

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