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Our Solitaire 1520 is a kit boat. What that means is that you pay for some plans from Schionning and then pay for the precut CNC laminate foam panel kit.  You have the choice from three manufacturers.  We choose Advanced Materials Solutions in Cape Town, South Africa since their panels come in 7.9 x 2.345 meter sections.  That means we will only need to glue one seam for our 13m long boat, yet the panels fit in a standard shipping container.   We also like the water jet CNC method they use (which doesn't apply heat to the panels and creates less waste.  We also like the way AMS bonds the laminate to the PVC foam with resin penetration through regular holes in the foam.  This helps with adhesion and compression resistance.


These panels will ship from South Africa to our location in California.  Once the kit arrives at our build site, we will separate the marked pieces from the panels as we tab them together with and epoxy and fiberglass / basalt to create the shell of our boat.  The necessary jigs also come precut in the kit as does all fiberglass cloth and epoxy, fairing compound, etc.

In our case, we will be sourcing the basalt fiber we are using on the 'canoe' portions of the hulls.  This was our choice.

Our customized design is called the Solitaire 1520.  It cost us a bit more for the design revisions; however, this way we get the boat we want cut to our design, made with our basalt reinforced hulls.

Included in the Kit:

From Schionning...

"The Schionning kit contains the basic materials you will need to complete the boat to a lock-up shell stage, with furniture installed, and finished to a basic faired stage of construction. Schionning kits are available in balsa or PVC foam.    The kit includes rolls of fibreglass, flat-packed panels that have been CNC-routed, epoxy resins*, fillers, and powders, etc.  The panel materials in the kits are 100% accurate, everything you need to build the shell."

*Update:  The shipping companies no longer allowed the epoxy resin in the shipment, so we will need to source that locally now.

What is not included?  Everything else, from paint to engines, sails, plumbing, electrical, etc.  However, Schionning will help you source the sailing systems, deck hardware, standing rigging, mast, etc.  So they won't just leave you high and dry with a boat shell!

We plan to build S/V Lynx from Foam cored precut panels (similar to the green panels in the image, right, but water jet cut instead of laser, in our case).  The  included jigs (tan) are for building things like the hulls, salon top, boom, and crossbeam  (see the brown pieces in image right).

You may also take a look at The Specs or Build Time estimate  (buttons below).

1490 Kit

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