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1520 Build Time

Let us be clear... it takes a whole lot of work to put one of these kits together.  It is not an undertaking for the faint of heart.  Estimates from Schionning to build the Solitaire 1490 are around 6000 man hours,  but it could take us as many as 10,000 to build our Solitaire 1520 since we are not professionals and this is a somewhat different boat.

Build Time Breakdown:

The estimate above of 6 to 10 thousand hours to build our  Solitaire 1520 is to sail away shape.  That is how long it takes to build the finished boat, not just the shell.  From what we have researched, the shell portion takes about half the build time.

Now, those numbers are in 'man hours' as if one person were building the whole boat.  We are a team of five people, so that breaks down like this...  Some of our crew will be part time workers, but two of us are full time (The Captain and XO). 

I figure, at minimum, we have about the equivalent of three full time people, though likely more.  Yet, if we figure a 2,000 hour a year work load, that means we will accomplish at least 6,000 hours in a year, or 10,000 hours in 1 and 2/3 years.  In case our estimates are off, we will call it two years.

The first year will be putting the shell together and the second year will involve adding all the rest of the items and systems to the boat.  Then we start sea trials before we set sail around the world!

1520 Build

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