2022 S/V Lynx
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Fuel Tanks

Kit-E13: Santa's Hybrid Sleigh Fuel Tanks

In this video, we go over how Santa might want to follow our lead and upgrade his sleigh to a hybrid reindeer/diesel. In our case, we went with hybrid electric/diesel. Specifically, we go over what fuel tanks options are out there, and all the pros and cons.

Year 1 Route

Kit-E14: 1st year Route Planning

We are planning to do a double circumnavigation of planet earth and are planning possible routes for our epic voyage. In this video, we are going to show you the route for the first year as we take out sailboat from Long Beach, California, to French Polynesia. 

Top 25 Part 2

Kit-E10: Part 2 of our Top 25 most desired features in a Catamaran plus, modifications to our Electric Outboard.

In part 2 of this two part series, we go over the 12 - 25 of our desired features for our catamaran as we work on adding all the modifications we made to our E18 electric outboard.

Top 25 Part 2

Kit-E11: Electric Outboard convertable Dinghy/Tender for our Performance Catamaran.

In this S/V Lynx video, we go over our electric outboard convertible Dinghy/Tender, named Traveler. We look at all the choices in motors and tenders to best fit our performance, sailing, 

Lithium Battery Prototyping

Kit-E12: Lithium Battery Prototyping for our Hybrid Propulsion Catamaran.

This video goes over why we decided to prototype our own lithium, LifePO4, batteries, even though we won't be using these prototypes on S/V Lynx, but they will pave the way to a commercial battery based off of our design. 

What Comes in the Kit Video

Kit-E7: What does and doesn't come in our Catamaran Kit.

This video goes over all the stuff that comes in the kit, plus the affiliate purchases that make it into the container with the kit, then all the other things you must purchase to finish the boat and get her ready to sail around the world!

What Comes in the Kit Video

Kit-E8: Part 2 of our Top 25 most desired features in a Catamaran plus, modifications to our Electric Outboard.

In part 1 of this two part series, we go over the first 11 items on our list as we work on deconstructing the electric outboard, next week, in part 2, we finish the list and the engine!

What Comes in the Kit Video

Kit-E9: Viewer Questions About our Kit Catamaran.

While we work on finishing the modifications to our electric outboard, we decided to go ahead and answer some of our Viewer Questions on some previous S/V Lynx videos.  Instead of just talk, we also show examples and graphics to help clarify some of the answers.

Part 1 Navigating the Maze

Kit-E4: Part 1: Navigating the Maze to find our boat

We decoded to build our own 50' Performance / Cruising Hybrid Catamaran, but it was a long journey to that decision through a maze of choices, some our own, some forced upon us by circumstances.  In part one of this two part video series, we explore the early years as we sought to find a boat to sail around the world. 

Part 1 Navigating the Maze

Kit-E5: Part 2: Navigating the Maze to find our boat

In part two of this two part video series, we pick up where we abandon our plan to build a kit boat in favor of a used production comfort cat, only to have Hurricane Irma and the Covid Pandemic dash our hopes.  Then, we come up with a new plan and finally purchase our 50' Performance/Cruising kit catamaran.

Part 1 Navigating the Maze

Kit-E6: The Process of Buying a Kit Catamaran

In this video, we go over the entire process from beginning to end of purchasing a kit catamaran from Schionning Designs.  We go over the schedules, the rounds of review and feedback, everything it takes to purchase your own kit catamaran and get it ready to ship to your location.  

Introduction Video

Kit-E1: Introduction to our Crew and their Goals

This video will introduce the crew to everyone.  They will tell you about how they are building a catamaran, their goals for the eventual voyage, and about why they want to take a sailing catamaran around the world.  They will also  share their possible double circumnavigation route with everyone.  

Virtual Tour of our Concept Model

Kit-E2: Virtual Tour of our Concept Model

We purchased a Kit Catamaran From Schionning Designs and are in the Design and Prep phase, construction starts soon.  In this video, we want to walk you around inside and out to show you our concept model and what we changed to make this the new Solitaire 1520 from Schionning Designs.

Monohull vs Catamaran

Kit-E3: The Monohull vs Catamaran Game

Before buying a boat there was a lot to consider in making a choice. So, we created a spreadsheet calculator to help us decide.  At the end of the video, we will tell you how to get our Monohull vs Catamaran calculator so that you may try it out and see which type of sailboat you lean towards by what you like. 

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