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Hybrid Diesel Installation

Kit-E93: Hybrid Diesel Installation

We want to get started on the bridgedeck, and that means, we need the hybrid diesel engine out of the way! So, this week, we are going to put that engine into the hull... so come see how it went!

Hybrid Engine Bay Build

Kit-E92: Hybrid Engine Bay Build

We continued our work on the engine bay, finishing up the motor mounts and the walkways on either side of the Hybrid Diesel that will be placed into the starboard hull next week.

Motor Mount Modification

Kit-E91: Motor Mount Mods

We further customized our motor mounts, making a major modification to the design, then went to visit two friends, one with a wood working shop and the other a metal working shop as we started making the new motor mount design into a reality.

The Final Crossing Bulkheads

Kit-E90: The Stern Bench

Getting the boat ready to build the bridge deck, we get to work adding the structure for the stern bench. We also start unpacking the electric motor system in preparation for starting on the motor mounts soon.  

The Final Crossing Bulkheads

Kit-E89: The Final Crossing Bulkheads

With shade from our cabin top up, it was time to get to work on finishing up the bulkheads, starting with the final crossing bulkheads. We’re on a mission to get the boat shell completed as quickly as possible.  

Raising the Cabin Top

Kit-E88: Raising the Cabin Top

It was time to raise the cabin top! We got it prepped and then brought in the Bobcat to raise it 16' in the air... it turned out to be much more difficult than we anticipated.  This is what happened.  

Rain Catchment System: Part 1

Kit-E87: Rain Catchment System: Part 2

It was time to finish up the Rain Catchment system, and that meant flipping over the cabin top pieces to work on the underside. We got a lot done, so we'll be ready for the big roof raising next week! 

Rain Catchment System: Part 1

Kit-E86: Rain Catchment System: Part 1

This week we tackle the start of our newly designed, custom rain catchment system for the cabin top roof. We'll get it all cut and beveled, and even get started glassing in the first trough/handhold. 

The Cabin Top

Kit-E85: The Cabin Top

We got started on the cabin top this week, which includes building the forms, squaring and leveling them, and then assembling the cabin top panels on top.  It was a productive week on the building of S/V Lynx. 

Hybrid Propulsion Upgrades

Kit-E84: Tabbing In Bulkheads

Now that we connected the canoes of our 50' performance/cruising catamaran, we are adding more bulkheads to the sailboat. We also took the time to go over how we did in Phase 3 of our boat build (the last four months). 

Hybrid Propulsion Upgrades

Kit-E83: Hybrid Propulsion Upgrades

We're working on adding more bulkheads! But, we also had to meet with Schionning and Bruntons to work out the new additions to our Hybrid Propulsion system, so that we can get our motor mount plans from Schionning, soon! 

Boat Assembly Begins

Kit-E82: Boat Assembly Begins

We finally started assembling our 50' Performance/Cruising Catamaran from Schionning Designs by putting in the two most important major bulkheads, which connect the two canoes!. 

Wrapping Up the Hulls

Kit-E81: Wrapping Up the Hulls

It was time to wrap up the hulls by wrapping the interior of the hulls! We spent this week working on the interiors so that we can put the bulkheads in next week as we build our 50' Performance/Cruising catamaran. 

Canoe Interior Sanding

Kit-E80: Canoe Interior Sanding

With our canoes flipped over, it is time to get to work on the interior, and that means a nasty job of sanding out the excess epoxy! But someone has got to do it, so the crew got to work! 

Rolling and Rotating the Canoes

Kit-E79: Rolling and Rotating the Canoes

A Major Milestone in the construction of our 50' cruising/performance, Schionning Designs, Solitaire 1520 catamaran... we're rolling over both hulls and rotating them around. 

Creating a Daggerboard Jig

Kit-E78: Bulkheads Ready to Install

With only a week to go before we flip the canoes, we need the final bulkhead finished and ready to install into the hulls. So, that was our focus this week, getting Big Bertha finished! 

Creating a Daggerboard Jig

Kit-E77: Coppercoat Completed

Finally! It was time to complete the canoes outsides, and that meant putting the final layer of Coppercoat on the second canoe. So, we called in help from friends, family, and a new crew member!

Creating a Daggerboard Jig

Kit-E76: Creating a Daggerboard Jig

With another spotty week of sun and rain, we continued work on our daggerboards, assembling them to a completed shape. Then we got back to work on the jig, having discovered an issue we had to fix. 

Parallel Hybrid Combo Propulsion System

Kit-E75: Daggerboard Spines

This week, we continue work on the daggerboards, working on the important spines where the main strength of the boards are found. We also take a break for some crew health work, and go mountain biking! 

Major Bulkhead Prep

Kit-E74: Major Bulkhead Prep!

We got back to the boat yard for some work on the major bulkheads while the sun was shining. We finished up working on the two biggest bulkheads, the final ones before we can put them all into the hulls. 

Parallel Hybrid Combo Propulsion System

Kit-E73: Daggerboards (P2) and Comments

We continue work on our daggerboards as the next big Atmospheric River hits our neck of the woods. But, when the skies clear, we head to the lot to answer a bunch of viewer comments and questions. 

Making our Daggerboards: Part 1

Kit-E72: Making our Daggerboards: Part 1

It's raining all week, so we moved to our garage to build the two daggerboards for S/V Lynx. Captain Blood, Admiral Marianne, and our XO, Brian, will need these for our catamaran as we sail this boat around the world, 

Applying Coppercoat Antifoul

Kit-E71: Applying Coppercoat Antifoul

We got a nice few days of sunshine, so we got our Coppercoat Antifoul on the first hull! So, come join us as we roll out the antifoul on S/V Lynx, our 50' performance/cruising, DIY, catamaran from Schionning Designs. 

Phase One Build Plan

Kit-E70: Cradles and Rain Catchment Design

We want to flip the two canoes soon so we had to do some more work on the cradles that will hold them. But a big storm got in the way of our Coppercoat plans, so we spent time designing a new rain catchment system. 

Barrier Coat Complete

Kit-E69: Barrier Coat Complete

This week, we finish the barrier coat by applying Total Boat to the port canoe. We also spend some time going over the entire Solitaire Catamaran line, from Schionning Designs.

Hulls Finished

Kit-E68: Hulls Finished & Goiot Parts Order

We finally finished up the fairing and sanding of the second hull this week, we're sure glad that is finally done.  We also finalized some details on our Goiot order of boat parts coming from France and go over that in this video.

Back to Boat Building

Kit-E67: Back to Boat Building

It's 2024! And time to get back to Boat Building, so come join Captain Blood, Admiral Marianne, and our XO, Brian, as we continue marching forward, through thick and thin, as we build our 50' Performance/Cruising Cat.

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