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Kit-E14: 1st year Route Planning for Circumnavigation

To keep us motivated as we build our new catamaran that we helped design, we are planning possible routes for our epic voyage. In this video, we are going to show you the route for the first year as we take out sailboat from Long Beach, California, to French Polynesia. While we talk about the route, we will also finish up the last modification of our electric outboard for our tender. Since we are sailing a hybrid catamaran, with a diesel/electric propulsion system, it made sense to go electric on our tender as well.

Year One Route Planning

Video Release: Santa's Hybrid Sleigh Fuel Tanks

In this video, we go over how Santa might want to follow our lead and upgrade his sleigh to a hybrid reindeer/diesel. In our case, we went with hybrid electric/diesel. Specifically, we go over what fuel tanks options are out there, and all the pros and cons. That way, we get the right tank for our Performance Cruising Catamaran that we are about to build to go sailing around the planet on a double circumnavigation on our sailboat. 

Fuel Tanks

For our Patron Crew, a full list of the battery parts, cost and weight

If you are part of our Patron Crew, you may access the complete list of parts and weights needed for the construction of our prototype lithium batteries we are making for Thermoworks.

Battery Parts List

Video Release: Lithium Battery Prototyping for our Hybrid Catamaran

This video goes over why we decided to prototype our own lithium, LifePO4, batteries, even though we won't be using these prototypes on S/V Lynx, but they will pave the way to a commercial battery based off of our design.

Lithium Battery Prototyping

Video Release: Introduction to our Crew and their Goals

This is our next S/V Lynx video, where we go over our electric outboard convertible Dinghy/Tender, named Traveler. We look at all the choices in motors and tenders to best fit our performance, sailing, Kit Catamaran that we are about to start building.

Convertible Tender/Dinghy

Video Release: Part 2 of Our Top 25 features in a Catamaran
and modifying our electric outboard.

Part 2 of our Top 25 desired features in a catamaran plus 'Modifying our Electric Outboard'.  Come along as we finish modifying electric outboard and complete the final 12-25 features we want in our catamaran.

Top 25 part 2 Video

Video Release: Viewer Questions about our Kit Catamaran

This week, while we continue work on our electric outboard modifications, we thought we would take the time to answer some of our viewer questions from recent videos about our Kit Catamaran that we are DIY building ourselves. S/V Lynx will be our project catamaran and the boat we sail around the planet on our circumnavigation. But before we can build her and go sailing, we have to prepare certain systems, like our electric outboard.

Viewer QuestionsVideo

Video Release: Part 1 of Our Top 25 features in a Catamaran

and modifying our electric outboard.

Part One of our Top 25 desired features in a catamaran plus modifying our electric outboard.   In this video, we deconstruct our outboard to get it ready to modify while we go over number 1 thru 11 of our Top 25 features we want in a catamaran.

Top 25 Video

Video Release: What does and doesn't come in our Catamaran Kit

This video is about the process of buying a Schionning Kit Catamaran. We wanted to share what it was like for us to go through the process of creating our concept model, then collaborating with Schionning Designs to create the design for a new 50' Performance and Cruising Catamaran called the 1520. And finally, to purchase the kit. Besides being a Performance Cruising Catamaran, our new hybrid boat model will have a Parallel Hybrid Propulsion system. This video will take you through the process, step by step, of purchasing a DIY Kit Catamaran Kit. For any of you who might be interested in purchasing such a kit from Schionning and building your own DIY Kit catamaran, this video may help you understand the entire process of purchasing this catamaran kit.

What Comes in our Kit Video

Video Release: The Process of Buying a Kit Catamaran

This is the sixth S/V Lynx video release in our Design & Construction series on Youtube.  This video goes over the entire process of purchasing a catamaran kit from Schionning Designs.  All the design, review, feedback and payment schedules.

Process of Buying a Kit Catamaran

Video Release: Part 2: Navigating the Maze to find our boat

This is this is Part 2 of our two part video series on how we found the boat we purchased.   We pick up where we abandon our plan to build a kit boat in favor of a used production comfort cat, only to have Hurricane Irma and the Covid Pandemic dash our hopes. Then, we come up with a new plan and finally purchase our 50' Performance/Cruising kit catamaran.

Maze Part 2 Video

Final Payment Wired

We made final payment on our Kit, the Mast & Boom, Standing & Running Rigging.  There are still a lot of other systems to pay for, but this was the lion's share!

Final Payment

We decided to purchase a Nanni 80hp Diesel for the port hull

(Model N4.80)

We were considering two other choices for our diesel, Beta Marine, and Yanmar.  In the end, we decided on the Nanni for two reasons.  The first was cost.  it was between $10,000 and $20,000 less expensive than the other two options.  In the case of Beta Marine, like Nanni, they use a Kobata diesel and do a marinization.  However, many of the parts can be purchased from Kobata, which are readily available worldwide.  Any Nanni parts can be ordered from the USA, France, or the Caribbean now as they have support there.  The USA connection is good as we will be flying back to the USA, on occasion, and can order spare parts while we were there to bring back with us to the boat.

Nanni Diesel

Video Release: Part 1: Navigating the Maze to find our boat

This is the fourth S/V Lynx video release on Youtube.  This video shows you the trials and tribulations of our search for a boat.  In part one, we go over the early years of our search, walking you through a representational maze as we search for a boat to purchase.

Navigating the Maze Part 1

Video Release: The Catamaran vs Monohull Game

This is the third S/V Lynx video release on Youtube.  This video take you through our decision making process on how we choose to go with a catamaran for our double circumnavigation voyage.

Monohull vs Catamaran

We have made a deal with Goiot Systems

We have been in discussion with Goiot Systems about purchasing our hatches and port lights.  However, we struck a deal with them to also purchase our stanchions, steering mechanisms, escape hatches, and glazing.  This company was recommended to us by Schionning Designs.


Final payment sent to Combi

To take advantage of the good exchange rate between the US dollar and Euro, we sent off final payment to Combi E-Propulsion Systems for our hybrid motor system.


Video Release: Introduction to our Crew and their Goals

This is the second S/V Lynx video release on Youtube (though, technically, as the Introduction, it should have been first!).  This video introduces the crew, their goals, and information about why they choose to sail around the world and the route the may follow on their double circumnavigation.

Introduction Video

We ordered our mast, boom, standing rigging, & running rigging from Sparcraft.

Once again to take advantage of the currently strong Dollar against the Rand and to get these items included in the shipping container coming with the catamaran kit from South Africa, we ordered our mast, boom, standing rigging, & running rigging from Sparcraft in South Africa.


We ordered our primary sails from Ullman Sails
In order to get them shipped in the container from South Africa, and to take advantage of the currently strong Dollar against the Rand, we ordered our mainsail, self-tacking jib, racing screecher, and U-Stack from Ullman Sails in South Africa.

Ullman Sails

Our Youtube Video channel has launched with a Virtual Tour of S/V Lynx

After a few delays while the crew got their ducks in a row, the S/V Lynx video channel on Youtube has officially launched with a Virtual Tour of the concept model of S/V Lynx.  Join Captain Blood and Admiral Marianne as they give you a tour while they walk around on and inside the concept model using virtual 3D magic!  You will get to see all the changes they made to the concept model of this new model of boat, which they hope to make into their dream catamaran when they start building her in January, 2023.

First Youtube Video

We made the main payment on the Schionning Kit for S/V Lynx

As of today, we have paid the lion share of the kit price to Schionning Designs.  That means, our boat is off to Advanced Materials Solutions where they will begin to CNC cutting our kit.  We are also in negotiations with Sparcraft and Ullman sails to get our rigging and sails included in the shipping container with the kit, from South Africa.

Payment on S/V Lynx

Combi Hybrid Propulsion
We have struck a deal with Combi Hybrid Propulsion to purchase our Parallel 25kw Electric Hybrid motor for the port side hull and our 25kw standalone electric motor for the starboard hull.  We are just waiting on the final invoice to make the order.  We don't need these for about a year, but the exchange rate from USD to Euros is too good to pass up right now, so we are ordering them early.  Note, the Yanmar diesel in the image (right) is gray because that is not coming in the Combi system.  We will order that diesel engine closer to December of 2022.

Combi Hybrid

Engineering is finishing up the Kick-up rudder steering mechanism
Here is a CAD image of a kick-up rudder system as it is currently designed from Schionning.  The red part you see above the step is a removable emergency tiller mount, which won't be there most of the time.  The step overhangs the main mechanism so that, as we step down, we don't land on that gear.  All other mechanisms for locking them down and letting them release are hidden under the deck.

Kick-up Rudder

Engineering changes to shrouds

The engineers ran into an issue with the current design, specifically, the inner shrouds.  Due to the new style roof on the Solitaire 1520 with the extended 'brow', there is insufficient space to move up the side passage (see image, far left).  Consequently, the Schionning engineers are moving the inner shroud attachment point to the deck near the base of the salon windows, though it is still attached to the same bulkhead, underneath (see image, right side).  As you can see, this creates a nice walking space between the two shrouds.  This did require a slight change to the salon roof, as they had to angle the windows to match the angle of the new inner shroud position.


We had our third and final design meeting with Schionning

Continuing in Phase 3 of the design, we once again met with the designers at Schionning to go over the third and, as it turned out, final round of changes to the CAD files of the Solitaire 1520. They modified the roof, angling down the sides and made them the correct size to fit our E20 Sunpower 435 watt solar panels (see pic, left), They also modified the helm area to better fit my desired layout.   The final modifications were to lengthen the beds to 7' and move the washer/driers to a central part of the hulls in the 'common' area between cabins.  So, this is it!  I have approved the Solitaire 1520 design and it will now move onto engineering to make sure everything works and is up to spec!

Solitaire 1520 Finished

We had our second meeting with Schionning on the new design mods

Continuing in Phase 2, we met with the designers at Schionning to go over the next round of changes to the CAD files of the Solitaire 1520.  Many new additions were shown to us, like the reworked sugar scoops (see pic, left), helm area and roof.  They improved the roof for better solar panel use, but it still needs a few more tweaks.  They also improved the helm, adding a rectangular hard top, increasing the seat to handle three crew, changing the entry to the side deck and helm seat, and more.  There are a few more modifications to go, but it is getting closer!  The next version should be in our hands in just two days!

1520 Stern

Our first look at the CAD files for our new model

Now in Phase 2, we had our first chance to look at and review the CAD files after the designers at Schionning made changes to their design based on our concept model.  The render (left) is a shot of the new version.  It has a lot that we like!  There are a few changes we still want to make, but this was only round one of several.  We have changes we want to the roof, sugar scoops, and helm areas, as well as a few small changes in the salon, especially at the nav desk.


We decided to buy an Inmar 365R-AL for our S/V Lynx tender!

Now that our electric outboard was on the way, we had to purchase our tender.  We have deliberated for years on which model, but in a last minute find, choose the Inmar 365R-AL!  If you want to read all about why we decided on this dingy over all the other contenders, read our Gear: Tender page.  Videos will be coming as soon as we get this and the electric outboard out for some sea trials, which will be done in 2022.  Both the tender and Stealth motor (see news article, below) are due to arrive in about six weeks.


We ordered our custom made electric outboard
It may seem odd to order an outboard for a tender we don't yet have, especially when we haven't even started construction on the main boat kit!  However, these are custom made outboards so we wanted to give them some time.  More importantly, we want to put our entire tender together (both engines, DIY lithium batteries, and RIB) so that we can start doing some of the custom modifications we plan followed by some Youtube videos as we test out out the various configurations, beaching, range, battery placement, even electric bike transport mounts.  These tests down at the ocean will also give us a break from epoxy and sanding work as we put the kit together.   To read more about this electric outboard and why we choose it, go to this link: Outboard

e18 outboard

We bought our catamaran plans!
As we mentioned in the previous news post, phase 2 is purchasing the plans from Schionning Designs.  That happened today, on July 22nd, 2022.  That means we are now fully committed to building S/V Lynx as a semi-custom Solitaire 1520.  Now we are busy getting things ready to start construction as soon as January 2023, it all depends on how fast the shipping container gets through customs and is delivered to our build site.  We have a lot to prepare.  We have to get our DIY batteries built, the site locked down, solar panels purchased, tools bought, our corporation formed, and much, much more!  Busy times!


We have a timeline for building S/V Lynx

We have already started Phase 1, which is to design our 3D concept model to show all the alterations we want to make to the Solitaire 1490 to get her closer to our perfect boat, the Solitaire 1500.  This has been completed (see this page: The Solitaire 1490).  Phase 2 is purchasing the plans from Schionning Designs.  This step also includes paying them to make the changes to the kit (based on the concept model we created).  That process will take a month or two and will begin in July, 2022.  Phase 3, we order the modified kit from Advanced Materials Solutions in Cape Town, South Africa, which will take place as soon as Phase 2 is complete, likely September of 2022.  Phase 4, we start construction of S/V Lynx when the kit arrives, likely near the end of January 2023.

Build Parts

We changed in our propulsion plan

I have been speaking to various manufacturers of propulsion systems.   We had decided to go with two 45 hp parallel hybrid motors, but in talking to some experts, had to consider changing to a Combo Hybrid/Parallel system (one 110hp / 20kw parallel hybrid in the port hull and one 20kw electric motor in the starboard hull).  I ran all the numbers and decided that this was the way to go!  It weighs less, has more horsepower, is more fuel efficient, has less maintenance, and costs less to install!  You may read all about it here:  Propulsion

Propulsion Change

New plan for building a catamaran

In the Covid years, boat prices suddenly skyrocketed and all of the used production cat models we are interested in either sold or are just too expensive.  We saved enough to buy a boat, but at these prices, we would not have enough left over to do the refit!  So, we came up with a new plan!  We are building our own 50' performance/cruiser catamaran from a Schionning Designs model, the Solitaire 1490, which we customized into the Solitaire 1520.  For more information, check out this page: The Solitaire 1520

New Boat Choice

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