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News from 2023

Video Release: Phase Three Goals & 2023 Review

This week we go over how we did on Phase 2, and our Phase 3 plans for 2024, plus a video review of what we accomplished in 2023.

Phase Three Goals and 2023 Review

Video Release: Our New Plan
While we get the tunnel tent down, we had to come up with a new plan. So, that's what we did this week instead of building our catamaran. This is a short video, since we didn't work on the boat, but at least we have a plan now! We'll soon get back to working on our 50' performance/cruising catamaran for our trip around the world!

Our New Plan

Video Release: A Serious Setback

This week we build our Tunnel Tent... but also have a major setback for the entire building of S/V Lynx. But, the project will continue, and we will get our 50' performance/cruising catamaran built, despite the setback.

A Serious Setback

Video Release: Barrier Coat at Last
This week Captain Blood, Admiral Marianne, and our XO, Brian, finally finish fairing and sanding one of the canoes and get to painting on the barrier coat on our DIY catamaran sailboat. 

Barrier Coat at Last!

Video Release: Family to the Rescue

This week, we make some decisions on how to protect the boat and crew while we build S/V Lynx, while I supervise some of Brian and my family members who help out while my hand heals from surgery. Then, we end the week with a family get together for Thanksgiving.

Family to the Rescue!

Video Release: Fairing and Viewer Questions

The clock is ticking, and we need both canoes finished for the hulls so that we can start assembling this catamaran! So, though there was rain this week, we got to work early on and got to applying fairing compound and lots of sanding. But, we took time to answer a bunch of our Viewer questions as well!

Fairing and Viewer Questions

Video Release: First Bulkhead Installed
We're well on our way to finishing the fairing of the second canoe, and we also worked on the sterns of both canoes, adding the first bulkhead (though the smallest, by far). So, come see all the work that our XO, Brian, and Captain Blood and his Admiral, Marianne, got accomplished this week on our DIY 50' performance/cruising Schionning Designs Solitaire 1520 catamaran.

First Bulkhead Installation

Video Release: It's Not Fair

We are fairing the two hulls and working on putting in the first bulkhead at the stern, but instead of all sanding... we will show you our plans for part of our route around the planet.

It's Not Fair

Patron Exclusive Video #5: Prop Shaft Brake

This week's exclusive Patron Special Crew and Above video is a discussion of a problem we have to solve involving a prop shaft brake for a combo hybrid propulsion system.

Prop Shaft Brake

Video Release: Basalt Hull Armor

We spent the week preparing for the big day. Then it was time to apply the basalt layers to the starboard canoe, so we got our large team of S/V Lynx crew members to show up at 6am and we got to work applying our hull armor! 

Basalt Hull Armor

Video Release: Performance vs Comfort Cat - The Sweet Spot
Besides showing you what we got done on the build of our 50' Schionning kit catamaran, we also took some time to go over performance vs comfort in the design choices we made while collaborating with Schionning on the design of the Solitaire 1520 and how we aimed for the Sweet Spot between the two.

The Sweet Spot

Video Release: Sanding the Starboard Canoe

With our strip planking done, we moved on to sanding off all the squeeze out epoxy this week, turning the canoe, and ourselves, white! Just another step in the process of building out 50' performance/cruising Schionning Designs catamaran sailboat.

Sanding the Starboard Canoe

Patron Exclusive Video Release: Weight Distribution

In this week's Special Patron Crew and above exclusive video, we cover our new weight distribution plan for S/V Lynx.

Weight Distribution

Video Release: Strip Planking Completed

This week, we finally finished strip planking the two canoes on S/V Lynx! We also take time to answer questions about our 50' Schionning Designs, performance/cruising catamaran.

Strip Planking Completed

Patron Exclusive Video Release: Modifying the Galley

In this week's Special Patron Crew and above exclusive video, we go over a modification we want to make to the galley, and a few others that we might also do after we mock up what we already have in the precut pieces.

Modifying the Galley

Video Release: Hybrid Combo System Arrives

We get an unexpected delivery... our hybrid system from Combi ePropulsion Systems! We also get more work done on strip planking the starboard canoe, and do some repair work on our prototype Lithium batteries.

Hybrid Combo System Arrives

Patron Exclusive Video Release: Tables and Seats

In our second, exclusive, Special Patron Crew and above video, we go over some small issues with the seating, which, when fixed, allows us to slightly expand the tables.

Tables and Seats

New Patron only Videos (Special Crew level and above)
We have launched our video series for our Patrons, who sign up for the Special Crew (or above) on Patreon.  These videos cover subjects about decisions we are currently making on changes or construction of the boat (and later, during the voyage, about choices we make then).  The idea is for Patrons to chime in with advice and suggestions in the comments to help us decide.

Special Crew and above Videos

Video Release: Why Build Our Boat?

People keep asking why we choose to build out catamaran, so we thought we would give them a better answer! We also start strip planking the starboard hull to get our Solitaire 1520, Performance Cruising Catamaran from Schionning Designs ready for our circumnavigation voyage on our DIY kit sailboat.

Why Build our Boat?

Video Release: Lifting the Port Canoe

It's nervous time! This week we lift the port canoe off the forms, and move it over to it's new home on the port side of the sailboat. We also get some work done on preparing to strip plank the starboard canoe.

Parallel Hybrid Combo Propulsion

Video Release: Best Antifoul for our Cat

We're nearly done with fairing and sanding the port canoe! And, we get started strip planking the starboard canoe. Unfortunately, we run into some electrical problems. Finally, we make a new decision and rearrange some of our construction plans so that we can apply our choice for the best antifoul coating earlier. That brings us to a discussion on all types of antifouling for boats.

Best Antifoul for our Cat

Video Release: Fairing, Sanding, and Answers

It’s time to do more sanding and fairing! Darn it. 😊 But we are also going to answer some viewer questions from over the last month, and show a couple of products that were sent to us for review that we will use to build the boat or be beneficial on the our circumnavigation voyage as Captain Blood, Admiral Marianne, and our XO, Brian, sail our DIY 50’ Solitaire 1520 Schionning Designs, catamaran.

Fairing, Sanding, and Answers

Video Release: Phase 2 Plans & More Hull Fairing

This week we go over our plan for Phase 2 of building our Schionning Solitaire 1520, performance/cruising catamaran. And, we get more work done on fairing the port canoe as we get ready to finish up and start strip planking the starboard canoe.

Phase 2 Plans & More Hull Fairing

Video Release: Hull Fairing and Schedule Update
We are hard at work fairing the port hull of our boat, but we take some time to go over our Phase One plan, what we accomplished, what we didn't, and what extra stuff we did instead, then we tell you if we think we are behind, ahead, or right on schedule.

Hull Fairing and Schedule Update

Video Release: Basalt Hull Axe Test
This week, we start fairing the port canoe of our future sailboat and also put the basalt we put over that hull to the test against the fiberglass option, hitting it with an axe and driving a car over it!

Basalt Hull Axe Test

Video Release: A Basalt Stone Hull

It was a great week where we finished the forebeam completely, and finally put the basalt fiber onto the port canoe! So join us for this video as our large crew shows up for the big basalt day! 

A Stone Hull

Video Release: The Hardest Part of the Build
This week on building S/V Lynx, we continue work on the most difficult part of the entire build, hoping to get close to finished. However, we also take a break from constructing out 50' Performance/Cruising catamaran to go scuba diving.

The Hardest Part of the Build

Video Release: Bulkhead Conundrum

We had some issues with fitting the bulkhead into the forebeam this week, but finally came up with a solution, which we will show you in this week's DIY Catamaran Construction video.

Bulkhead Conundrum

Video Release: Forebeam Fabrication Fun

Our Kit is finally complete! With the arrival of our Sicomin laminating epoxy, we now have everything to finish the shell of the boat. So, on that, we continue work on our forebeam, hoping to get it completely done in the next two weeks..

Forebeam Fabrication Fun

Video Release: The Best Helm Position and Build Progress

What is the best helm position on a catamaran? We explore this and build a spreadsheet that will help you discover what you think is the best. Meanwhile, we are hard at work on our Performance/Cruising Catamaran, a 50 Schionning Solitaire 1520.

The Best Helm Position & Build Progress

Video Release: Preparing for the Next Phase

With our laminating epoxy finally nearing our port, we need to get final preparations done to start laminating. So, this week we worked on the bulkheads, forebeam, and port canoe, all of which will need lamination.

Preparing for the Next Phase

Video Release: Carbon Fiber, Big Bertha, and June Update

We finally lay down the carbon fiber layers on our forebeam, and then start work on some bulkheads, including the largest one, which we dubbed 'Big Bertha'. We review our progress in June and what we expect to get to in July.

Carbon, Big Bertha, and June Update

Video Release: Kickup Rudders, Bow, & Bulkheads

This week, we show you progress on finishing the bow of the port canoe, inserting epoxy rope along the edges of bulkheads. And we go over our Kickup rudder system, as well as talk about other rudder options for catamarans. .

Kickup Rudders, Bow & Bulkheads

3D Router Jig Model for our Patron Crew

We made the STL files available for our 3D router model foam panel coring tool.
(These are just for your enjoyment, if you choose to print or use them, that is at your own risk).

Router Jig

Video Release: Our Sail Plan and Build Progress

We continue building S/V Lynx, our 50' Performance/Cruising Catamaran, but we also spend some time going over the sail plan we purchased for our new sailboat. 

Our Sail Plan and Build Progress

Video Release: Bulkhead Prep and Forebeam Epoxy

We solved our main wood and joint 'snapping' issues on the forebeam, sanded the port canoe, did some prep work on patching small errors, and built a large table for our bulkhead work and started on routing the first bulkhead.

Bulkhead Prep and Forebeam Epoxy

Video Release: Forebeam Progress and Sanding

We made good progress this week on the sanding of the inboard side of the port hull and finally found a solution to get our wood strip planking done on the forebeam!

Forebeam Progress and Sanding the Canoe

Video Release: We Finish Strip Planking the Port Canoe

Our goal this week was to finish epoxying all the strips on to the port hull and also begin sanding the inboard side.  And we got some other work done on the forebeam of our 50' performance/cruising catamaran, S/V Lynx! 

We Finish Epoxy Strip Planking the Port Canoe

Video Release: Back to Boat Building

With our shade troubles behind us, we get back to work building our 50' Schionning kit catamaran, S/V Lynx. We continue epoxy work on the port hull, outboard side of our future sailboat. We also start building the forebeam of the boat. There is a lot of work to go if we are going to get her ready to circumnavigate on an epic sailing journey!

Back to Boat Building

Video Release: Catamaran Build Site Disaster!

We continued building out 50' performance catamaran, but had a major build site disaster! However, disaster or not, it won't stop us making our sailboat and taking that boat on a sailing adventure around the planet!.

Catamaran Build Site Disaster

Video Release: Forebeam Frame & Port Canoe Epoxy

We are building our dream catamaran, and this week we continue epoxying the strips onto the inboard side of the port canoe. We also build the strongback and assemble the MDF frame for the forebeam of our 50' performance catamaran from Schionning Designs.

Forebeam Frame & Port Canoe Epoxy

Video Release: Strip Planking the Port Canoe Starts

This week, we finish dry fitting the strips onto the hull of our 50' performance/cruising catamaran, then remove half so that we can epoxy them back onto the port canoe! Our Schionning Solitaire 1520 kit sailboat is starting to take shape!

Strip Planking the Port Canoe Starts

Video Release: Our Catamaran Boat Build Begins!

It's finally time to start building out 50' performance/cruising catamaran! At last, after all the planning, designing, and purchasing of our Schionning Solitaire 1520 kit, we are ready to start building our sailboat.

Our Catamaran Boat Build Begins

Video Release: How Much & How Long to Build our Cat?

This week we finally started to build our Kit Catamaran from Schionning Designs! However, we wanted to give everyone a chance to chime in on how long they think it will take us to build S/V Lynx, and how much it will cost in the end to build a performance sailing and cruising catamaran.

How Much and How Long to build our Cat

Construction of S/V Lynx officially begins

With the purchasing and arrival of the kit and the preparation of the build site completed, we finally started building the boat this week!  The clock now begins for how long it will take.  We are hoping for two years, with another six months of contingency built in, just in case.

Building S/V Lynx begins

Video Release: Preparing to build our 50' catamaran

Having received our kit catamaran, we want to get started on the build. So, this week we made an insane schedule to get the final preparations out of the way. Watch as we show you how we did on that list to get to building out Schionning Designs Solitaire 1520 Performance Catamaran.

Preparing to build our 50' catamaran

Video Release: Kit Catamaran Kit Organization and postmortem

Now that our kit for S/V Lynx has arrived to build our 50' performance catamaran, we had to get all of the parts organized. We also realized that we could have done better in the unloading, so we did a postmortem look at receiving our boat parts from Schionning Designs.

Organization of Kit and Postmortem

Video Release: Unloading our 50' Performance Catamaran Kit

Our kit is here! Yes, our Solitaire 50' Performance Catamaran Kit has finally arrived and this week, we unload it from the shipping container onto our build site. This is our first look at our new kit, and there were some surprises! But, we have our kit now, so construction can soon begin! 

Unloading our Catamaran Kit

Video Release: Build Site Prep - Part 2

The kit is being unloaded from the cargo ship in Long Beach and will be headed to our build site in two days!  So, we are continuing to work on getting the Build Site prepped for construction of our 50' performance catamaran from Schionning Design. This week, we need to move the container slightly, which will be a big challenge!

Build Site Prep - Part 2

Update on the Cargo Ship delivering our Catamaran kit.

MSC Beatrice docked in Long Beach and immediately unloaded.  We got a call yesterday that our container has already cleared customs and will be delivered... tomorrow!  So, next week's video will be the unloading of the our catamaran kit.

Container arriving

Update on the Cargo Ship delivering our Catamaran kit.
MSC Beatrice is closing in on Southern California, and will arrive at Long Beach Harbor tomorrow!  Then, we'll see how long customs takes to release our container for drayage to our build site in San Dimas, about an hour away from the port.

Cargo Ship nearing So. Cal.

Video Release: Build Site Prep - Part 1

We are hard at work getting the Build Site prepped for construction of our catamaran We will be building our sailboat on a dirt lot, so there is a lot to get ready. We add our solar panels and start working on the Victron equipment. We also take a field trip to purchase some epoxy to start construction of S/V Lynx! 

Build Site Prep - Part 1

Video Release: Fuel Polishing System Design
We cover our design of our fuel polishing system, fuel transfer and fuel filtering as well as answer some viewer questions from previous videos.

Fuel Polishing System Design

Video Release: Kit E22: My Costly Blunder, Respirators Build, & Catamaran Kit update

I made a costly blunder and it will cost us thousands of dollars! We go over all the sordid details in this video. On better news, we go over our new options for our tender outboard and how we built our positive pressure respirators. We also update where our kit is now, when it is arriving.

My Big Mistake Video

Video Release: Catamaran Design: Ventilation and A/C

Instead of freezing on the water this week, we decided to go over the ventilation choices we made for the design of S/V Lynx, and why we are adding heating and cooling by way of Air Conditioners for our sailing voyage around planet Earth. But before we can circumnavigate the world, first we have to finish designing all the systems and then construct the boat.

Air Flow Video

Video Release: Parallel Hybrid Combo Propulsion System

Our Cargo Ship, APL Santiago, carrying out kit catamaran, has made it through the South China Sea and will soon be headed for Shanghi, China, where it will unload our container.  It will then be loaded onto the MSC Beatrice, which departs Shanghi on 2/22/23, and will make its way across the Pacific Ocean to Long Beach, Ca., about 12 days later, so around 3/6/23.

Cargo Ship with Kit

Video Release: Phase One Build Plans, Kick-up Rudders, and Steering.

With less than a month before the kit arrives, we have started working with the Schionning Design team to make the phase one plan for building our 50' Performance Catamaran. In this video, we go over that plan in detail, and also go over the steering and kick-up rudder mechanisms.

Phase One Build Plans

Video Release: Cyclone system build and preparations

We build our cyclone vacuum system, unbox and explain the Flexisander and fair tools and share a video from Combi about them working on our hybrid propulsion system to ship out soon.

Cyclone System and preparations

Video Release: Parallel Hybrid Combo Propulsion System

We go over our choice in Hybrid propulsion systems, which one and why we believe it is the best for S/V Lynx.

Parallel Hybrid Combo Propulsion

Video Release: Lithium Prototype Battery Build - Part 3

This is the their and final S/V Lynx video of our three part series about the construction of our lithium prototype batteries.  We also go over some information on the shipping of our kit

E17 Battery Build Part 3

Video Release: Lithium Prototype Battery Build - Part 2

This is the second S/V Lynx video of our three part series about the construction of our lithium prototype batteries.  We also go over some information on procuring epoxy for our build.

Battery Build Part 2

Route Data to go with the maps for our Patron Crew

We have posted the route data that goes with our current favorite double circumnavigation float plan for planet Earth (see post below).  If you are one of our Patron Crew members, you may see all the route lengths and how long we may stay at each anchorage or marina, year-by-year, If you aren't part of our Patron Crew, you may join for as little as $2.00 a month.  Just click on the Join menu option at the top of any page and then choose 'Patreon'. If you are already a Patron Crew Member, the routes are now up to view!

Route Data

We changed our favorite route, significantly!  

We have posted a new maps of our current favorite route for our double circumnavigation of planet Earth.  To see all the detailed routes, year-by-year, you would have to already be one of our Patron Crew members.  If you aren't, you may join for as little as $2.00 a month.  Just click on the Join menu option at the top of any page and then choose 'Patreon'.  If you are already a Patron Crew Member, the routes are now up to view!

Route Changes

Kit-E15 video released

We released the first of three videos about the construction of our lithium prototype batteries.  

Kit-E15: Battery Build Part 1

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